Southwest Virginia Community College

Southwest Virginia Community College

Emory & Henry and Southwest Virginia Community College (SWCC) enjoy a strong educational partnership. Each semester we enroll some of the best and brightest transfer students from SWCC.

Guaranteed Admissions Agreements

SWCC students have a smooth path to degrees at Emory & Henry including Guaranteed Admission Agreements and direct pathways.

Concurrent Admission

Our partnership with SWCC will support students to take one class at the 300 level or higher (3-4 credits) free of tuition during the second year, prior to full-time enrollment at Emory & Henry.

SWCC students will have access to programs at Emory & Henry as well, such as the use of the library, cafeteria, sports and theatre events when they are currently enrolled.

Also, SWCC graduates have the ability to seamlessly transfer to Emory & Henry without extra applications or fees. Students will be eligible to receive financial aid awards upon enrollment at Emory & Henry, among other benefits.


Thanks to an endowed scholarship fund, SWCC students can be eligible for an award scholarship when they transfer to Emory & Henry to complete their bachelor’s degree beginning fall 2022.