$ 1,000 STEM Diversity Scholarship

$ 1,000 STEM Diversity Scholarship

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Scholarship Details

  • $1000 one-time award
  • Awarded yearly
  • Deadline is December 1.
  • The winner will be announced on this page.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school or currently enrolled in a college / university.
  • Must be fluent in English. Submissions with poor grammar will not be considered.


  1. Register for an account on Everipedia (free - personal info needed at time of reward disbursement).
  2. Go to the following link: List of Underrepresented Minority Tech and Science People [2]
  3. Select the person that you are most interested in that does not have a page already. Use the search bar if you are unsure. Duplicate entries will not be accepted.
  4. Copy and paste that name into the search bar to create the page.
  5. Once you are on the edit screen, you should get a tour popup.
  6. Finish creating the page.
  7. Go to the contact page: https://www.everipedia.com/contact/
  8. In the subject line, enter Everipedia Tech Titans Diversity Scholarship.
  9. For the main body, enter your name, your Everipedia username, and the link to the page you created
  10. Select Other as the category
  11. Enter your email, then your full name
  12. Click send!

Page Quality Guidelines

  • Needs to have a main image.
  • Written in the English language.
  • At least 6 infobox items. Some easy ones are gender, occupation, employer, location, occupation, nationality, and education.
  • At least 6 image gallery photos.
  • At least 8 external links. Easy ones include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, YouTube, their official profile, or their homepage.
  • 500 word minimum in the body text.
  • Include citations ( such as [2]  ).
  • Include at least 8 links to other Everipedia pages (blue links).
  • Needs to have page headers like CareerEducation, and Personal.
  • Here are some example pages: Sam Altman (LGBT), Kwabena Boahen (Ghanian-American), Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski (Cuban-American), Vinod Khosla (Indian-American)
  • Feel free to go above the minimum guidelines, or even create multiple pages! The better the quality of your page(s), the higher the chance you will be selected as the award recipient.
  • If you see another scientist or tech star that does not have a Wikipedia or an Everipedia page, you can create the page and submit it for consideration!


Please submit all questions to kf9Gd1C2#rO[5/]sA*W~eo83|Fw]#[_J|3Qm2$n\@OPoTY0nHdJYt@`2e