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Emory & Henry College is the college of choice each year for numerous students transferring from both community colleges and four-year programs. These transfer students recognize the College’s ability, through great teaching and a strong reputation, to advance them toward the future of their dreams. Plus, we make the process of transferring easy.

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Guaranteed Admission Agreements

If you’re a student at a two-year institution from Southwestern Virginia or East Tennessee, there’s a good chance that Emory & Henry has already made arrangements with your college to make the transfer process an easier one. Check out the list of schools with which Emory & Henry has been working to help transfer students who are looking to continue their education at a top national liberal arts college.

Transfer Guide of Equivalencies for Virginia Community Colleges

Articulation Agreements

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 Quick Turnaround

Emory & Henry takes pride in being able to provide timely assistance to students looking to transfer to the College. To this end, we seek to complete transcript evaluations within a week—often within a day—so that you are able to move quickly on your decision to transfer.
Mail your transcripts to:
Emory & Henry College, Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327

Top E&H Fields of Study:

 Transfer Requirements

Transfer students will need to take a few special steps as part of the admissions process. The Admissions Committee may request other data, such as college entrance test scores and high school transcripts. Emory & Henry has a variety of scholarships available to transfer students that can be explored once these initial transfer requirements have been met.

Transfer Student Requirements & Deadlines

Admitted Students

Admitted Transfer Students can begin processing their enrollment paperwork — including making a deposit, filing financial aid, and signing up for registration day — at anytime at

Finalize My Transfer Enrollment


…just for Transfers

Just by applying you automatically will be informed of all scholarships for which you are eligible. At Emory & Henry we find that transfer students add significantly to the character of our learning environment, so we provide numerous scholarships along with information about how to apply for them.

2017-18 Transfer Scholarship & Financial Aid Opportunities

E&H Admissions Calendar

Get On-Site Admission from a dedicated Transfer Admission Counselor — along with answers to any questions you may have, and helpful information you may not have known. Checkout our Admissions Calendar for a list of locations we’ll be visiting, and plan to come see us if the drive’s not too far. Transfer specific admission events begin with TRANSFER in all-caps.

Vibrant & Diverse

The E&H community is a vibrant and accepting student community that represents students from seven countries and 32 states. Our transfer students come from numerous institutions and contribute to this diversity while engaging in a unique student-centered educational experience.

Award-Winning Faculty

One of the most important reasons that transfer students come to Emory & Henry is the excellence of the E&H faculty, which is consistently ranked among the best in the nation. E&H professors, who have won numerous state and national teaching awards, are among the best in their fields and have mentored students on to tremendous professional achievement.

E&H Teaching Accolades

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