Duck Pond Renovation Update: 8/31/17

Posted on: Thursday, August 31st, 2017 by Monica Hoel
Here's an update on the campus duck pond renovation plans

Alumni and friends of the College have responded with terrific support for the upcoming renovation of the campus duck pond! Gifts and pledges totaling more than $600,000 have been committed to the project, and there is much enthusiasm for seeing the project through. Brick dedications continue, and this has proven to be a popular way to raise money for the work at the pond while also giving people a tangible way to remember their favorite duck pond stories or recognize friends and family members.

While the College had hoped to begin work on the pond prior to homecoming (October 21), progress has been held up a bit by the involvement of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Because there is a stream that feeds into the creek, any changes to that area require input from the USACE. This means that construction to this area will not begin until after homecoming -- and possibly later. 

This could be good news for those who typically tailgate near the duck pond on homecoming day! However, College officials are still keeping a weather eye on that piece of land; recent rains have made the area swampier than usual. There is a back-up plan if the area is too wet for cars, and a decision will be made the week of homecoming.

The College is grateful for all of the duck pond gifts, and everyone is reminded that it's not too late to dedicate a brick! You can contact the Advancement Office and speak with Ronan King to secure details (276-944-6125 or 3uDE85'{iU.[B]#[$a*0zPhdM^n@4).

We will be sharing more information on construction plans as soon as we hear back from the USACE.


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