A Class of Thrones

Posted on: Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 by Monica Hoel

Standing in front of Kelly Library with a couple students and breaking into a conversation about Game of Thrones is not that unusual.

What IS unusual is that they are talking about their Game of Thrones class at Emory & Henry.

There are a series of “Transitions” courses for first-year students that allow new college students the chance to get experience with research, writing papers, group projects, and public presentations. Basically, it’s a good review of all the skills they’ll need for college – and even grad school – right at the beginning of their college experience.

The great thing about these courses is the wide range of topics covered. These aren’t dry classes on paper-writing and grammar. These are nifty topics that allow for big fun discussions while you’re learning about paper-writing and grammar.

Check out the range of topics: Zombies, Racial Identity in Context, Inside the NCAA, Mind-Body Connection, The Frontier in Fact and Fiction. Some of the classes provide unlikely unions, like one called “Your Numbers” that is team taught by someone from the English department and someone in the Chemistry department.

All the courses lead to the same outcome:  stronger, better-prepared students with the skills to be successful.

These afore mentioned students waxing eloquent on Cersei Lanister are in a class called “The Ethics of Westeros: Morality and George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.” They said they’ve worked on research papers, worked together in teams, and prepared class presentations – all while covering big ideas like governance, ethics, violence, patriarchy, war, death, and religion.

And they finished up the class just in time for the holiday break – because they knew in their hearts, that winter was coming.

Photos below:

First-Year Student Morgan Kinder gained some college skills in her Game of Thrones Transitions class including making presentations in front of a class. 

Rev. Dave Jackson is teaching this GOT Transitions course, and he got the whole class to pose with a dragon...for effect. 

An E&H student gets experience with a class presentation.

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