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“Stand tall and say Emory & Henry.”

Award-winning Adriana Trigiani, Wise County, Virginia, native, gave the 2018 commencement address...During her address at the 2018 commencement event, Adriana Trigiani gave a challenge to all the new graduates, and older grads, too:

“… When somebody asks where you went to college, you stand tall and say- Emory & Henry- in the prosperous, life giving, music shaking, soul quaking, intellect making hills of southwest Virginia in Appalachia where America found her voice because unto these hills, through them, and over them came YOU.” — Adriana Trigiani, 2018 E&H Commencement Speaker Hear the entire speech!

E&H Seniors line up before marching into the baccalaureate ceremony.Kindle your love for Emory & Henry.

Find an event on campus or in your region where you can celebrate your love for E&H! Look for a way to volunteer for the school who taught you about service. Keep up with news from the College. Make a gift to the Emory & Henry Fund. Be part of your college!

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Reunion photos at homecoming are a great way to catch up with friends!

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Lee Mason Welsford (E&H '76) and Sally Cook (E&H '76) attended E&H graduati...Lee Mason Welsford (E&H '76) and Sally Cook (E&H '76) attended E&H graduation this year to help with Robe-n-Ready and have a reunion. This is a volunteer event where alumni help seniors get caps and gowns and hoods looking just right before marching across the stage. Because Lee and Sally missed Homecoming, they used this opportunity to help their alma mater and spend some time together! Lee came from Pennsylvania and Sally from North Carolina.

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Are you in the picture?Greg Lowe (E&H '75) made the trip from Georgia to check out Ampersand Day.Greg Lowe (E&H '75) made the trip from Georgia to check out Ampersand Day.