Alumni & Friends


There’s an open town hall meeting with the president, contests for driveway tailgates and cute pets, chances to mingle with E&H faculty, a reading challenge, trivia, virtual travel, and an E&H student theatre production written by Silas House.

Encourage your friends to join you for something different this year…and make our 2020 Virtual Homecoming memorable!

Strong and Safe Together

The E&H Family is stronger together — but right now we need to stay physically apart. There will be great opportunities to engage remotely with your alma mater, so watch the Events page for updates. If you find that you can’t resist the urge to drive by the duck pond and regale your kids with stories of college days, please be aware that every person on the campus is required to wear a face covering if outside your car. You can read more about campus rules for keeping the campus community safe on the webpage.


We hope you’ll join us for some of the Virtual Homecoming events! There is a little something for everyone.

Stay Engaged!

There are many opportunities to stay in touch with Emory & Henry and each other this fall. Find an event that looks intriguing — and join us! Virtual Homecoming Events

A beautiful day at Emory & Henry as alumni and friends celebrated annual Homecoming festiviti...