Alumni Association

Betsy Harkleroad at More Than A Vacation's 25th anniversary celebration, 2018.No dues: just golds and blues. Anyone who has attended Emory & Henry for at least a semester and has left the college in good stead is a welcome member of the E&H Alumni Association.

Currently, we have just over 10,000 living alumni who live in every state in the United States and in many countries around the world. We represent every imaginable career, and are especially known as loyal community volunteers.

The E&H Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is comprised of alumni who represent a range of geographic areas and a range of class years. They are dedicated volunteers who support the college through service and gifts. They represent a variety of geographic locations and class years.

Alumni Board of Directors Members

  • Andy Zimmerman ’90, President
  • Kari Kemper Tudor ’82, Vice-President
  • Beau Blevins ’05, Second Vice-President 
  • Scott Sikes ’99, Immediate Past President
  • Monica Hoel ’85, Secretary
  • Paul Phillips ’64, Gold Club
  • Bill Shanks ’67, 1960s
  • Betty Lackey McMichael ’70, 1970s
  • Tony Davis ’81, 1980s
  • Thomas Nelson ’98, 1990s
  • Clarissa Tatum ’05, 2000s
  • Will Garrison ’10, 2010s
  • Dr. Chase Edwards ’12 & ’18, Smyth County
  • Juan J. Garcia ’97 and  Tracy Walker Garcia ’96, Washington County
  • Suzy Copeland Burke ’86, Mountain Empire
  • Christian Miller ’06 and Laura Weaver ’05, New River Valley
  • Blaine Elliott ’98, Roanoke Valley
  • Patrick Houghton ’89, Shenandoah Valley
  • Mark Robertson ’13, Piedmont
  • Patrick Steele ’00 and Kelly Moss Steele ’02, Richmond
  • Chris Kolakowski ’99, Tidewater
  • Pam Buchanan ’90, Northern Virginia
  • Emily Cockerham Lee ’09, Tri-Cities
  • Elizabeth Stone ’10, Tennessee
  • Eric Scott ’88, DC/Maryland
  • Emily Wallace ’04, North Carolina
  • Dr. Chris Plein ’84, West Virginia
  • Kevin Rogers ’97, At-Large Rep
  • Art Scott ’07, At-Large Rep
  • Susannah Davis ’92, At-Large Rep
  • Mike and Karen Griffey Todd ’84 and ’84, At-Large Rep
  • At-Large Rep
  •  At-Large Rep
Fall foliage at Emory & Henry College.
The Alma Mater: Hail, Emory!
Across the hills of old Virginia
There comes a melody divine;
It fills our hearts with eager longing,
And sweetest mem’ries there entwine.

It brings the thought of alma mater,
And friends we love so true.
So now we’re singing, voices ringing,
Love we’re bringing you.

Rah, Rah, Rah!
Hail, Em’ry! Hail, Em’ry!
Hail blue and gold! True as of old!
Hail, Em’ry! Hail, Em’ry!
Hail to old E.H.C.!
By J.A. Morrow, 
E&H Class of 1916
Old School Fandom! Eric Smith at the E&H vs. Guilford Football game.
The E&H Fight Song

We’re Emory Born and Emory Bred,
and when we die, we’ll be Emory dead.
So rah, rah for Emory & Henry,
rah, rah for Emory & Henry,
rah, rah for Emory,
rah, rah, rah!

The blue and gold will reign on high.
We’ll win this game tonight or die.
So rah, rah for Emory & Henry,
rah, rah for Emory & Henry,
rah, rah for Emory,
rah, rah, rah!

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The beautiful Alumni Plaza in the middle of campus is a great place to read a few stories about E&H alumni, but those are just the tip of the iceberg! Read on to hear about a few more alumni. And make suggestions for other stories that ought to be on this list!

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