You were there…and in your square. THANK YOU.

E&H in the City online was a hit with nearly 100 participants from as far away as Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Maryland, and Guatemala! There were prizes…there were laughs…there were fun conversations. We got an update from President Wells, we saw a video of campus, we connected with the van Vlissingen Career Center, and we made a delicious and very effective cocktail. You made this event great, and we promise to do it again soon!

Woman with binocularsEver Thought of Being a Citizen Scientist?

Join us as we learn inside then head outside!

Scientists love data, and we can all participate in collecting certain observations. We’re partnering with local naturalists to bring you a little education and an invitation to join the millions of citizen scientists around the world who collect and share information about the natural world.

Our project has to do with Saltville, Virginia, (read the summary here) and we have three upcoming events that will pique your interest about citizen science. 

— Learn about the natural history of Saltville, Virginia (March 10)
— Learn about the water birds you are likely to observe in Saltville (April 13)
— Learn about the website the world uses most often to collect citizen science observations like what kind of water birds visit Saltville! (April 27)

A wood duck in Saltville, Virginia


You might find a new passion to put into practice.



Did you miss Katie Cordle’s presentation on the Waterfowl found in Saltville?

Katie Cordle, Bristol Virginia School System, Birder, and President of the Holston Rivers Chapter...Katie Cordle, Bristol Virginia School System, Birder, and President of the Holston Rivers Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalist.You can still see it!

Find the recording here…

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