Emory & Henry in the City

 Thank you….

Even in a time of social distancing, E&H friends know how to reach out in the warmest ways.

Thank you for encouraging friends to STAY HOME  by posting your solo pictures for E&H in the City: Social Distancing Edition.

And thank you for joining us on a giant Zoom call that was totally out of control and completely wonderful. How great to see everyone!

Check out the great pix of a sweet evening spent apart…and yet together.

If you’d like to post a photo from your home, here’s a little poster you can download for your picture!

Friends gathered literally all over the world to celebrate our 2019 E&H in the City event in ...Download a poster here and pose for a photo in your home or yard on April 3! We’re in the midst of a health crisis…and we want to take that seriously. But we also want to keep on being true to who we are. And we are some fiercely loyal E&H alumni! Watch here for more details and challenges and prizes, soon!