Just for this year, let’s call it Home-Staying.

Due to Covid-19, we are not able to hold our traditional Homecoming celebration on campus. But we are stronger together, even when we’re apart! So watch as we put together some unique opportunities for a 2020 Virtual Homecoming! 



 Homecoming Photos from Homecoming 2019

Check out Reunion Photos and Homecoming Court Photos and more by Dave Grace. (2019)

Check out Homecoming Football Game Photos by David Grace (2019)

Check out candids and more by Rachael Wilbur and Leah Prater (2019)


Emory & Henry does Homecoming like no other school.

Every year, thousands of alumni, friends, family members, and fans flock to campus to watch football, share a tailgate meal, and hug. There is hugging all day long ——- and that’s precisely why we just can’t have the event in 2020. Stay tuned to hear about great online opportunities for engagement, football, and even tailgating, at your own house, of course!

Classes celebrating reunions will have an extra year to plan! All class reunions are deferred until 2021.

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Henry Ailey was absorbed in Emily Wallace's new book, “Road Sides.”Henry Ailey was absorbed in Emily Wallace's new book, “Road Sides.”First E&H Homecoming Book Signing Event is a hit!

Check out a little story about the first authors to participate!