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MTAV 2022 is hybrid this year!

Online in July.
In-person, July 22-27

Check the schedule!

“Don’t give me songs…give me something to sing about.”

Let’s just say it: the last couple of years have been weird.

Some weeks felt like a sad country song. Some weeks were filled with hope and optimism like the swells of a perky musical. And some weeks felt like those complicated jazz riffs that we all try to act like we enjoy—but they’re just too complicated to be fun.

This summer, we’re hopeful that the pandemic will allow us to take a step toward singing a brighter tune. Heck, we might even dance a little.

We’re going to organize an in-person MTAV on campus, but we’re also creating related content available online so we can still share our experiences no matter where we are.

We’ve shared some great moments online these past two years, and we’re excited to find ways to keep learning together.

Even if you’re planning to be on campus this summer, be sure to participate in the online events because we think it will make our time together more meaningful. And if you’re not quite ready to be back on campus, we promise to make you feel like part of the action.

After so many difficult experiences, singing doesn’t happen easily. But let’s try to find our voices and celebrate in all the ways we can.

MTAV 2022: We’re going to be talking about wasps with the woman who wrote the book on them…literally.

MTAV 2022: The tiny porch concert returns!

The Tiny Porch Concert was a big hit! The Facebook live video has had more than 2000 views so far...

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