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Assignment of home tailgating spaces will be handled by the E&H Athletic Office in the 2022 Season. Contact Taran Christiansen for details: tchristiansen@ehc.edu.

The College will use past procedures to secure a reserved tailgating spot. Reserved tailgate spaces will be assigned using the following guidelines:

  • Everyone in the paid tailgate lots, including visitors to your tailgate, will be required to have a $10 football ticket.
  • All parking spaces in the gravel lot will now be reserved spaces. For $250 you may purchase a season pass that will include two parking spaces and 4 tickets for each home game.
  • Tailgate spots in the paved lot are $350 and this fee includes 2 parking spaces plus 4 game tickets for each home game. Premium spots (marked with a star on the map) are $500 for 2 parking spaces plus 4 game tickets for each home game.
  • Those wishing to keep their space from last season (either lot) will be able to do so as long as they make a gift of $1775 or more to IHEY before the first call-in date.
  • There is no entrance fee for the non-alcohol tailgating lot.
  • Game-Day parking (without a reservation) will be in the gravel lot. There will be a charge of $10 per car plus each person in the car (as well as visitors to the tailgate area) must have a $10 game ticket.
  • Parking at the duck pond is only allowed on Homecoming Day. There will be a charge of $10 per car and each person in the car (as well as visitors to the tailgate area) must have a $10 game ticket.

Call in dates for 2022 are Aug. 8, 9, and 10. 
Calls will be made to Taran Christiansen at 276-944-6819: you’re asked to call after 8 am on the morning of your call-in date and leave a message indicating your preferred tailgate spot. You will be called back soon.

Here are the guidelines for calling:

1. Gifts to IHEY/E&H Athletics made from the conclusion of the last football season through the current day will count toward your ability to choose a call-in date. Gifts must be made by the first call-in day (Aug. 8, 2022).

2. Those wishing to keep their spot from last year need to make a gift of $1775 or more to IHEY/E&H Athletics. Here’s a link to the donation form: https://www.ehc.edu/giving/give-online/ You also need to alert Taran Christiansen before the first call-in date that you wish to keep your spot (or we will assume it’s ok to put that spot into the lottery). tchristiansen@ehc.edu

3. Those making a donation of at least $1000 to IHEY/E&H Athletics will be eligible to reserve a space on AUGUST 8.

4. Those making a donation of at least $150 to IHEY/E&H Athletics will be eligible to reserve a space on AUGUST 9.

5. All others may call in on AUGUST 10 or later.

6. You may only reserve 3 spots at a time.

7. 2022 Prices for reserved spaces:

Paved Lot (standard) - $350
includes two reserved spaces, four tickets to each home game

Paved Lot (premium, noted with stars) - $500
includes two reserved spaces, four tickets to each home game

Gravel Lot (all spaces in this lot are now reservable) - $250
includes two spaces, four tickets to each home game

8. A word about tickets:
Season and individual tickets are available for purchase at www.GoWasps.com/tickets. Please note: we are using a different platform for online tickets this year. Fans will now have an option for printing a season pass. Please watch for more details about this.

What are the rules for tailgating on campus?

Tailgate lots for football will open at 9 a.m. and will close one hour after the completion of the game. 

E&H Campus Tailgating Policy

PLEASE NOTE: All persons parking in or visiting the reserved paved lots or the gravel lot will be required to have a $10 game ticket. Please see the letter from Athletics for details.

Tailgating here is defined as parking in a designated location/area and consuming food and beverages prior to and immediately following a home football game. The parking area across from the King Center and the East Parking Lots, located behind the stadium (reserved only) are designated as tailgate areas and are licensed for alcohol consumption for those who are of legal age. On Homecoming day, there is also a lot sanctioned for alcohol next to the duck pond. There is also a parking lot designated for tailgating where alcohol is not permitted. Tailgate lots will open at 9 am.

Emory & Henry regulations and statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia regarding drug and alcohol consumption will be strictly enforced. College policy and laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibit public intoxication. Policies and laws also prohibit possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone under 21 years of age. Hosts who furnish alcohol to underage individuals may be subject to criminal prosecution and personal civil liability exposure. Anyone found consuming or possessing alcohol younger than 21 years of age is subject to arrest and to charges of underage consumption or possession. Driver’s licenses will be checked in order to gain access to these tailgate areas. Those under 21 must be accompanied by a parent in order to access the King Center and Reserved Tailgating areas.

Careful use of small propane grills is allowed. No gas powered generators are allowed. All beverages must be in a can, plastic bottle, or plastic cup. Glass is not permitted. All alcoholic beverages must remain in coolers or closed containers and not out in the open. Kegs will not be permitted. Only portable stereo units are permitted.

Waste food items and trash must be disposed of in appropriate containers that are provided throughout the grounds. If trash is left by individuals using the tailgate area, tailgating privileges can be rescinded for the remainder of the season and subsequent privileges will be reviewed after the season. Groups who tailgate must follow the following risk management policies enforced by College staff; provide food for their group, provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, clean up assigned area, be sure at least one member of the group does not consume alcohol, and educate members about tailgating policies. By entering the tailgate area, individuals agree to abide by these regulations.

Gas generators are not allowed in any tailgating area.

The College reserves the right to modify tailgating rules at any time to secure the safety and effective administration of the event. Please note that there will be an increased number of police/security officers available due to the procurement of a Virginia ABC license for each event.

Updated tailgating maps: