Friends gathered on a stormy day for E&H vs Ferrum football in 2018.It’s an old college tradition. Let us help you figure out the new tailgating landscape.

**NEW THIS YEAR: You can keep last year’s reserved spot! See below!**

Alumni playing corn hole during a homecoming tailgate.First and foremost:
you do NOT have to reserve a spot in order to tailgate.

The lot near the baseball field and the lot between Hillman and Stewart French are first-come, first-served. The lot next to the duck pond is only available Homecoming Saturday, and it is also first-come, first-served.

If you would like to have a reserved tailgate spot in the only reserved lot on campus, act early!

Here’s how it works:

1. The most supportive donors to the I-HEY Fund (which supports all E&H athletic teams) will be given first pick, but then all others will be given the opportunity to reserve a spot as well. Here are the dates for calling to reserve a spot:

- Donors who have given $1,000 or more to I-HEYget to call in first. Those qualifying to make this call are anyone who has given this amount to I-HEY between the end of the last football season and up until call-in dates begin (essentially, between mid-November and early August). These donors may call after 8 am on Monday, Aug. 5, 2019.

- I-HEY donors who have given $125 or more get to call in on the second day.  Those qualifying to make this call are anyone who has given this amount to I-HEY between the end of the last football season and up until call-in dates begin (essentially, between mid-Nov. and early Aug.). These donors may call after 8 am on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019.

- All other fans may call on or after 8 am on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019.

2. Spots are assigned in the order of how calls are received, and you may request a preferred location in the lot. You may request a spot by calling the E&H Alumni Office at 276-944-6109. Requests made prior to your assigned call date will not be accepted. You may only reserve up to 3 tailgate spots per call. Due to the volume of calls that come in at the same time, we are asking all callers to leave a message when they call: please state your preferred site number(s) and you will be called back in the order of the time stamp on your message. Calls received prior to 8 am will be answered last instead of first. In the effort of fairness, all reservations must be made by phone: anyone coming by the office will have to call from the parking lot in order to be “in line” with other callers.

3. You may review the parking map prior to making your reservation. Because of confusion in numbering, the parking lot map has been update to show actual parking space numbers. Take a look at the map with parking space numbers (below). Please note that a “tailgate spot” is actually “two parking spaces.” Your identification tag will list the space numbers that are painted on the pavement.

4. No one will be admitted into the reserved lot without making an advanced reservation. Your car MUST have the proper identification tag for admittance. Tents, grills, etc., will not be allowed in the thoroughfare.

5. The cost for a tailgate spot is $150 ($250 for premium spaces, marked with a red star on the map). Fees collected in exchange for a tailgate spot are not tax deductible, but will be directed to the E&H Athletics program.

6. For questions, contact Monica Hoel: 276-944-6109 or mshoel@ehc.edu

Now, you can keep last year’s tailgate spot!

You now have an option for keeping your tailgate spot from one year to the next.

Because a few of you have been asking to keep your tailgate spot instead of taking a chance with the lottery. College officials have created a means for making this possible. Anyone who makes a gift to I-HEY at the Patrick Henry Society level ($1775.00) by Aug 1 in a given year, will be allowed to keep his or her spot for that upcoming season. The current spot-holder need only contact the Alumni Office to confirm (alumni@ehc.edu, 276-944-6109). If we have not heard from you by Aug. 1, we will assume you are happy for your spot to be in the lottery. As long as your annual PHS-level I-HEY gift is up-to-date, you may keep your spot year after year.

 This process is only for keeping the spot or spots you were in last year. Current spot-holders will not be allowed to switch spots prior to the first call-in day. Also, you will not be allowed to add on spots prior to the first call-in day.

So if you have made your PHS-level gift to I-HEY, and you have alerted the alumni office that you wish to stay where you are, you will not need to worry about calling on the lottery days.

Others who wish to enter the lottery will follow the same rules as always: Fans who have given $1000 or more to I-HEY can call on AUGUST 5 (beginning at 8 am); fans who have given $125 or more may call on AUGUST 6 (beginning at 8 am); and all other fans may call in on AUGUST 7.

Any questions about keeping your spot?
Contact Monica in the Alumni Office: 276-944-6109 or alumni@ehc.edu


Friends gather every week for football tailgating at E&H.


Some folks are just begging for a good tailgate.

E&H reserved tailgate lot map with parking space numbers – Right section.

E&H reserved tailgate lot map with parking space numbers – left section.