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  • Charlie Phillips Emory & Henry Class of 1960
    Charlie Phillips, 1960

    Charlie was named the 2022 E&H Alumni Humanitarian of the Year in 2022. Read more…

  • Stafford and Tess Stephenson?s wedding photo.
    Stafford Stephenson, 1969

    Stafford and Tess Stephenson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on December 18, 2021, alongside their three daughters and their families.

    Stafford is a retired insurance agent from State Farm Insurance. He played basketball for E&H, served as the color commentator for the High Point University men’s basketball team, and is honored to be in the Smyth County Sports Hall of Fame. Click here to read a fascinating article about a twist of fate during his days working at the University of Evansville.



  • Rob Goldsmith, E&H ?71, CEO of People Inc.
    Rob Goldsmith, 1971

    Rob was named the E&H Alumni Humanitarian of the Year in 2021. Read more…



  • Howard Chafin, 1983

    Howard has been awarded the Garland Thayer Award by People Incorporated. The Thayer Award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to benefit low-income people through employment with an organization. He is the Children’s Programs Representative for Feeding Southwest Virginia. Read more…

  • J.Sanders Henderson III, 1985

    Sanders ran for school board in the Jefferson District of Washington County in November 2021 and won his third term. He was elected to be the Chairman of the Board for 2022. He is working as a Special Assistant to Athletics Fundraising at Emory & Henry College. 

  • Trenda Johnson Class of 1987
    Trenda Johnson, 1987

    Trenda has worked in various positions within the Volvo Group, (Volvo Trucks, Mack trucks, Nissan Diesel, Volvo Bus, and now Volvo Penta.) She as worked on three continents (Asia, North America, and Europe). “I have worked for Volvo for 29 years, meeting and working with many great people.” She has lived In Gothenburg, Sweden for almost 20 years. “I miss the weather and mountains of Virginia but otherwise I love it here in Sweden. it is a beautiful and great country. I have enjoyed traveling around the world and enjoying new cultures. Moving to a new country when you are not young and learning to work and live in a new language is challenging and exciting.”

  • Lisa Jordan, Emory & Henry Class of 1984
    Lisa Jordan, 1984

    Lisa was selected as the E&H Distinguished Alumna of the Year in 2021. Read more…

  • William Perritt, 1985

    William married Kim Henderson August 6, 2021, in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Kim is a native of Western Colorado and manages retail operations for the Cortez Cultural Center. They share a home in Dolores, Colorado, overlooking the lake. William says they enjoy camping, hiking, and boating around the “stunning Four Corners area.” At home they “cook together and spend many evenings on the porch watching the sunset and the star-dappled night skies.”

    William is employed with Fastmarkets RISI as a writer and editor, analyzing pulpwood, saw timber, and wood biomass markets. “I have held the job through its many gyrations over the past 27 years.”

  • Rev. Phyllis Spiegel E&H Class of 1988
    Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, 1988

    On April 30, 2022, Phyllis was named Bishop of Utah for the Episcopal Church. Read more…

  • Mike Young E&H Class of 1986 2022 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
    Mike Young, 1986

    Mike Young was selected as the E&H Distinguished Alumnus of the Year in 2022. Read more…



  • Will Mullins, E&H Class of 1992
    Will Mullins, 1992

    Will’s scripts The Manor and Fantasy Clash were both Honorable Mention winners in the long running Screenplay Festival script competition. His fantasy script The Madness of Winter was a Bronze Award winner at the LA Sci Fi & Horror Festival. Other scripts advanced in various competitions, including Scriptation Showcase, International Comedy Film Festival, the Screenwriting Master Contest, Lit Scares, So Cal Film Awards, and Culver City Film Festival.

  • Kaylin Render E&H Class of 1994
    Kaylin Render, 1994

    The YWCA of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee has recognized Kaylin Render as one of their 2022 honorees – recognizing women who nurture, empower, and transform. Kaylin is an Assistant District Attorney for Sullivan County, TN, entering her 16th year with the Office of the District Attorney General for the 2nd Judicial District of Sullivan County, TN. She was also just tapped to be the Division Head in Division I of the Criminal Courts for Sullivan County. She prosecutes all the felony domestic violence cases ranging all the way from domestic assaults to first degree murder cases. She also works very closely with the Branch Kaylin and daughter Izzy. House which is the Family Justice Center for Sullivan County. They are a one-stop multi-service provider for domestic violence victims. They awarded her the 2021 Victim Services Excellence Award. She adds, “My sweet daughter, Izzy, has grown up in this office which has been like a family to me.”



  • Mark Arrington, 2002

    Mark and Laura introduced a new baby girl to their family. Helen “Ellie” Virginia Arrington was born in 2021.

  • Tommy Britt E&H Class of 2002
    Tommy Britt, 2002

    Tommy works at George Mason University, and attended Ohio University for graduate school. He has been promoted to Full Professor at George Mason University. 

  • Dr. Eric Coley, E&H Class of 2004.
    Dr. Eric Coley, 2004

    Eric was named the 2022 E&H Outstanding Faculty Member by the E&H Alumni Association. Read more…

  • Chaplain Ryan Davenport, 2008

    Ryan moved to San Antonio in April 202,2 and is an Air Force Chaplain for Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base

  • Dr. Will Gibbons E&H Class of 2003
    Will Gibbons, 2003

    Will was recently appointed Dean of the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. Crane is one of the oldest and most prestigious music programs in the US, and trains approximately half of all music teachers in New York state.

  • Kishanna Caesar Heyward, Emory & Henry Class of 2008.
    Kishanna Heyward, 2008

    Kishanna was selected as the 2021 E&H Young Alumna of the Year. Read more…

  • Lori Bruce Hutton, Class of
    Lori Hutton, 2008

    Lori is serving as the assistant principal at Marion Senior High School. She recently was awarded the Smyth County School Board award for “Mover of Mountains.” They just started a reward system for cafeteria staff, bus drivers, and any staff member “who has good attendance, makes a difference in students’ lives every day, goes above and beyond the call of duty, has good staff relations, good job performance, and is a difference maker.” The Board voted on 13 nominations.

  • Bobbie Frentz Larkins, E&H Class of ?03
    Bobbie Larkin, 2003

    Bobbie was named for the 2020 Distinctive Service to Emory & Henry Award by the E&H Alumni Association. Read more…

  • Israel O?Quinn E&H Class of 2022
    Israel O’Quinn, 2002

    In May of 2022, Israel was named by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce as the Legislator of the Year.

  • D.W. Saur E&H Class of 2005
    D.W. Saur, 2005

    D.W.’s fourth book titled Just Friends was released in December 2021. His YA Fantasy novel Dark Days finished the 2021 award season with its sixth award coming from the American Fiction Awards in the Epic/High Fantasy category. Learn more at his website:

  • Kris Sheets, E&H Class of ?02
    Kris Sheets, 2002

    Kris was named the 2020 E&H Alumni Humanitarian of the Year. Read more…

  • Josh Stamper, E&H Class of 2007
    Josh Stamper, 2007

    Josh was selected as the 2020 E&H Young Alumnus of the Year by the E&H Alumni Association. Read more…



  • Stephen and Jessica Curtis Callahan E&H Class of 2011 Emory & Henry 2022 Young Alumni of ...
    Jessica Callahan, 2011

    Jessica and Stephen Callahan were chosen as the 2022 E&H Young Alumni of the Year. Read more…

  • Stephen and Jessica Curtis Callahan E&H Class of 2011 Emory & Henry 2022 Young Alumni of ...
    Stephen Callahan, 2011

    Jessica and Stephen Callahan were chosen as the 2022 E&H Young Alumni of the Year. Read more…

  • Andrew Downard, 2014

    Andrew as been promoted to Supervisor of Remittance Processing at Navy Federal Credit Union.

    He is pursuing an MBA degree at Mount Saint Mary’s.

  • Matthew Wilkinson, 2013

    Matthew is the Planning & Codes Liaison for the Metropolitan Council of Nashville & Davidson County.

  • Jenna Lottman (?16) and Jonathan Wygal (?18)
    Jenna Wygal, 2016

    Jenna is currently getting a Master of Science in Information and Library Science through the University at Buffalo. She is working as a Senior Library Assistant in Rochester, NY, and will be promoted to Collection Development Librarian in the Spring of 2022. She married Jonathan Wygal (E&H Class of 2018) in the summer of 2020. “We just adopted an Irish Setter named Murphy to round out the family.”




In Memoriam: Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Charlie Bartlett,

    Former Geology Professor, died Sept. 12, 2021. Obituary…

  • Dr. James Cumbo,

    Former E&H economics professor, died May 3, 2022.

  • Sammy Eastridge,

    Former member of E&H Facilities staff, died Apr. 26, 2021. Obituary…

  • Dr. V. Ray Hancock,

    Former E&H math faculty member, died June 19, 2021. Obituary…

  • Jimmy Hughes,

    E&H Class of ’63 and former E&H coach, died Feb. 22, 2020. Obituary…

  • Paul Hutchens,

    Former member of E&H Facilities staff, died May 5, 2021. Obituary…

  • Dr. John Iskra,

    Former E&H Math faculty member, died Feb. 14, 2022. Obituary…

  • Richard Jollie,

    Former member of the E&H Facilities staff, died Feb. 12, 2020.

  • Dr. Maurice Luker,

    Former religion faculty member, died March 27, 2019. Obituary…

  • Bob Mann,

    Former Mass Comm faculty, died Nov. 30, 2020. News story…

  • Barbara-lyn Morris,

    Former “first volunteer,” died July 24, 2020. Obituary…

  • Dr. Samir Saliba,

    Former political science faculty member, died Nov. 25, 2020. Obituary… Feature story…

In Memoriam Alumni 1940s

  • Eugene Meyung, 1948

    Has died.

  • Dr. Claude Richardson, Navy V-12

    Died March 4, 2022. Obituary…

In Memoriam Alumni 1950s

  • Mack Bowman, 1959

    Died Feb. 10, 2022. Obituary…

  • Anna Marie Carter, 1959

    Died at the age of 100 on April 19, 2022. Obituary…

  • Moss Clingenpeel, 1956

    Died May 17, 2022. Obituary…

  • James Francisco, 1951

    Died April 11, 2022. Obituary…

  • Sarah Fugate, 1955

    Died, Nov. 5, 2021. Obituary…

  • Paul Gates, 1950

    Died Oct. 24, 2021. Obituary…

  • Harriett Hypes, 1955

    Died January 22, 2022. Obituary…

  • Rodger Lewis, 1959

    Died April 22, 2022. Obituary…

  • Suzanne McDowell, 1956

    Died March 27, 2022. Obituary…

  • William Osborne, 1956

    Died March 7, 2019.

  • Ann Patteson, 1955

    Died April 15, 2022. Obituary…

  • George Puckett, 1956

    Died Sept. 5, 2019. Obituary…

  • Rita Robinette, 1956

    Died Aug. 29, 2021. Obituary…

  • Howard Sanders, 1951

    Died January 21, 2022. Obituary…

  • Rev. Robert Shelley, 1951

    Died April 20, 2022. Obituary…

  • James Smith, 1951

    Died at age 100 on April 20, 2022. Obituary…

  • Charlie Sult, 1951

    Died Sept. 21, 2021. Obituary…

  • B.B. Taylor, 1956

    Died January 23, 2022. Obituary…

  • Judge William Thomas, Jr, 1954

    Died Nov. 29, 2021. Obituary…

  • Rev. Nelson Woody, 1951

    Died February 14, 2022. Obituary…

  • Elva Yates, reunion ’57

    Died March 19, 2022. Obituary…

In Memoriam Alumni 1960s

  • Lance Knowles II, 1965

    Died Sept. 1, 2021.

  • George Lambie, 1968

    Died Oct. 6, 2021. Obituary…

  • Richard Rollins, 1966

    Died December 31, 2021. Obituary…

  • Byron Skeens, Jr., 1962

    Died May 23, 2019. Obituary…

  • June Totten, 1962

    Died Sept. 25, 2021. Obituary…

  • Howard Ware, 1961

    Died Sept. 10, 2021. Obituary…

  • Allen Wehry, 1967

    Died April 12, 2022. Obituary…

  • Stephanie Wehry, 1966

    Died December 4, 2020. Obituary…

  • P.G. Wingfield, 1967

    Died May 3, 2022. Obituary…

  • Ernest Yeatts, 1969

    Died March 8, 2022. Obituary…

  • Scotty Zimmerman, 1962

    Died Nov. 17, 2021. Obituary…

In Memoriam Alumni 1970s

In Memoriam Alumni 1980s

  • James Anderson, 1981

    Died on March 25, 2022. Obituary…

  • Harold Farris, 1985

    Died Sept. 13, 2021. Obituary…

  • Robert Meador, 1987

    Robert “Bobby” Meador died April 6, 2022. Obituary…

  • Wally Nelson, 1980

    Died January 28, 2022. Obituary…

In Memoriam Alumni 1990s

  • Julie Martin-Wymer, 1998

    Died December 1, 2021. Obituary…

  • Annie Michal, 1992

    Died January 15, 2022. Obituary…

In Memoriam Alumni 2000s

In Memoriam Alumni 2010s

  • Kevin Boeren, 2019

    Died January 8, 2022.

In Memoriam Alumni 2020s