Choosing a Major

We can assist students in a variety of ways through the process of picking a major or exploring career options by utilizing assessments (skills, interest and personality), career research, networking and/or job shadowing to support students.

What are my options?

Stack of Academic TextbooksOption 1:  Career Opportunities by Major

View the diversity of career possibilities by major.

Careers by Major     



Photo of students in a classroomOption 2:  Career Class

Open to any student at any academic level.  GNST 201-Career Planning and Development is the class’s official name, but does not begin to describe what is possible in this interactive course!      Career Class


Image of cell phone cradled in an individual's hand

Option 3:  Schedule an Appointment With a Career Counselor

Whether you are in the process of picking a major or deciding what careers are possible with your academic program, you can meet one-on-one with a career counselor.  Simply complete the career services appointment form linked here