Student Employment

Student employment is a win-win opportunity.  Work on campus, earn money for spending or applying to tuition, and gain valuable work-related skills all at the same time.


ANY STUDENT CAN WORK ON CAMPUS regardless of work study eligibility.  The only exception to this rule is RAs-Resident Advisors.

ALL STUDENT JOBS ARE POSTED ON COLLEGE CENTRAL NETWORK and jobs are being added every day, so you will want to check often. 

REQUIRED PAPERWORK MUST BE TURNED IN BY ALL STUDENT EMPLOYEES, and is different based on whether or not you have worked on campus before. 
IMPORTANT:  Students and on-campus employers must wait for approval before any student can begin to work.
REQUIRED PAPERWORK FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE PREVIOUSLY WORKED ON CAMPUS BEFORE is linked in the Student Employment Guidelines and includes:
1.  **Your employer will issue you a contract, so it is not linked in the guidelines.**
2.   Student Direct Deposit Form (So you can get paid!)