Emory and Henry Civic Leader Scholars at Sprouting Hope Garden.

Civic Leader Scholars

Joining Service and Leadership

The Civic Leader Scholars Program at Emory & Henry College is a renewable, four-year scholarship for incoming, first-year and transfer undergraduate students enrolled in either the B.A. in Civic Innovation program or the 5-year B.A/M.A in Community and Organizational Leadership degree programs, or who have a strong interest in civic engagement. In addition to receiving financial aid, Civic Leader Scholars will participate in on-going civic engagement projects, community-building, reflections, trainings, and leadership development.

Civic Leadership Retreat

Held each fall for students at Emory & Henry College, this retreat gives students, faculty, and staff the chance to build community and begin developing the skills necessary to be effective leaders in their civic work.  The retreat is off campus and gives new students a great opportunity to learn more about the surrounding region and the communities in which we serve.

Civic Landscape Project

The Civic Landscape Project is designed to introduce you to the rich and varied ways in which people and communities of Southwest Virginia address social problems or questions in this region.  Scholars will visit a variety of non-profit organizations in the region, giving scholars the chance to meet with non-profit leaders, learn about careers in the field, and discover ways they can stay involved.  

Program Highlights

Each year, students selected in the interview process are awarded a renewable scholarship and a place as a Civic Leader Scholar.  In order to maintain the scholarship, scholars must remain enrolled in either the Civic Innovation or Community and Organizational Leadership degree program at Emory & Henry College or have a strong interest in civic engagement, maintain a 3.0 grade point average, attend the annual Civic Leadership Retreat, and participate in on-going reflection and training.  Each year, scholars must also:

During Year One
  • Participate in the Civic Landscape Project

  • Write a civic identity statement – exploring central questions of your values and what social justice issues the scholar wishes to pursue

During Year Two
  • Identify a non-profit organization and/or civic project and serve at least 5 hours per week at the agency

  • Write a civic goals statement – exploring broader academic and professional aspirations and how the program can help accomplish them

During Year Three
  • Work with non-profit organization to develop a project that will require the scholar to conduct research, develop materials/resources, and train volunteers

  • Write a civic leadership statement – exploring central ideas of leadership and professional aspirations

During Year Four
  • Develop a major senior project that will require rigorous research, leadership, and program development on behalf of the senior

  • Write a senior thesis – involving community-based, action-oriented research that addresses the scholar’s social justice/professional goals or questions

Apply to be a Civic Leader Scholar