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Great things happen in the arts with time, technology, and a new space.

Tour the McGlothlin Center for the Arts

Emory & Henry is entering a new era in the arts. 

With outstanding new facilities such as the Woodrow W. McGlothlin Center for the Arts (MCA) – and more anticipated – we are embarking on a vision to become a regional leader in arts education and in the quality of exhibitions and performances at the College.

What We DoStudents with Emmy-award winning actress, performer and musician Liz Callaway.Students with Emmy-award winning actress, performer and musician Liz Callaway.

Our students and faculty members have distinguished themselves in all areas of the visual and performing arts, and their success has added momentum and excitement to this bold endeavor.

With nationally known artists showcased throughout the year, students not only get to witness the events−they actually get to work hands-on with them in master classes and studio visits as well.

Outreach & Community 

At Emory & Henry, the arts are growing as a major regional force. E&H actors, musicians, and artists are increasingly recognized for their abilities and their potential. At the same time, E&H cultural events and public outreach programs in the arts enrich the lives of people from throughout the region and add to its vitality.

All are invited to the campus to be a part of this vibrant arts community as it spreads its influence and shares its talents.

Welcome to the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, a true center – of creativity that leads to inspiration, of energy that leads to exploration, and of quality that leads you back.

Dirk Moore, Executive Director
McGlothlin Center for the Arts

Nationally renowned artist Jennifer Angus, fresh from her exhibition at Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, created intricate and impressive floor-to-ceiling patterns from grasshoppers, cicadas, moths, beetles and other exotic insects in the MCA Art Gallery.  

Arts News

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    The McGlothlin Center for the Arts at Emory & Henry College is proud to host Wry Straw Wednesday, June 13, at 7 p.m. as part of the Mountains of Music Homecoming. Forty years ago the trio known as Wry Straw – comprised of John McCutcheon, Rich Kirby, and Tommy Bledsoe and formerly based in Scott County, Virginia – released its only album, From Earth to Heaven, for the June Appal label before disbanding. This Homecoming concert will serve as a rare reunion of three master musicians, each of whom has trod separate but distinguished musical paths after Wry Straw. Visit this location to purchase tickets and to learn more about the musicians. https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/7967377/wry-straw-with-john-mccutcheon-mcglothlin-center-for-the-arts-emoryva-southwest-mountains-of-music-homecoming.
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