Inspire!  Engage!  Enlighten! 

Touring Performances

The McGlothlin Center for the Arts presents artists of regional, national and international fame every year. The MCA strives to showcase artists and performing styles that are not frequently featured in Southwest Virginia, providing E&H students and the greater community with the opportunity to experience artists at the cutting edge of their fields.

Student Performances

Many opportunities are available to students to participate in music ensembles and theatre productions. Both majors and non-majors are encouraged to audition at the start of every semester. Senior art majors give exhibitions under the guidance of faculty to showcase their work.

Faculty Exhibitions & Performances

Emory & Henry arts faculty members are all celebrated artists in their fields beyond working with their students. They give frequent recitals and exhibitions, perform in various ensembles, conduct local music groups, or direct, design or act in professional theatre productions. Many of these outside activities are brought to campus to share with the community. 


Lyceum designates an opportunity to encounter the liberal arts through special events on campus.  Each year, Emory & Henry features concerts, lectures, theatre and dance performances, films, exhibits, and poetry readings that help to complete your academic experience. The vast majority of these events are part of the college’s popular Lyceum program

Upcoming Performances:

  • The Wizard of Oz Highlands Ballet

    April 27, 4:00pm

    Premiering in 2014, The Highlands Ballet is excited to bring back this classic, and wildly popular American Tale. Heartfelt and adventurous, The Wizard of Oz is chock-full of joyful dancing, fanciful costumes, outstanding stagecraft, an impressive music and, of course, a happy ending!

    So... just Click your heels together and follow the yellow brick road on a fantastic journey. Red shoes and rainbows, poppies and munchkins, and all of Dorothy’s friends are here for this beloved story. This great American fairy tale captures the magic of Kansas and shines a new dimension on the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and everyone’s favorite Cowardly Lion.

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  • The Unicorn’s Birthday®

    May 8, 9:30am

    This concert is a gentle, fantasy-and-fun-filled symphony experience with terrific music, fun sounds, captivating on-stage activity, friendly graphics, and gentle audience interactivity. This sensory-friendly work is musically satisfying and welcoming concert for families and special needs audiences. 

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