Message from the Tri-Chairs

At the Emory & Henry Commencement in 1931, the guest speaker said, “This is more than a college – it’s a way of thinking, a way of living.” Decades later, that wise observation continues to hold true.

While our College has a tradition rivaled by few, the higher education landscape is changing as never before, and the result of the choices we make today will deeply impact the future of E&H students and the institution itself. Such times call for well-considered boldness. Patrick Henry understood that in 1775 as did Bishop John Emory when he advocated for the education of women in the early 19th century.

However, boldness needs an action plan and, as the saying goes, “to know the surest path, one must ascend the highest hill.” Through Ascend, the Campaign for New Heights, our College will be afforded the perspective and the means to ensure relevance and excellence for coming generations of students, whether they hail from around the region or around the world. In fact, the fruition of the Ascend Campaign has already begun and must, with your help, accelerate before the vision for our College can be realized.

As Tri-chairs for Ascend, we’re excited to steward what is already the most ambitious philanthropic initiative in Emory & Henry history. However, our goal remains yet a distance away, and with it the assurance that our brave College, together with those future well-doers and leaders it graduates, will not only endure but thrive.

Most things we do in the world last only for a season, but with vision and determination, our accomplishment can echo down the generations. Together, through Ascend, we have it in our power to raise Emory & Henry to heights unimagined in the past, but within our grasp for the future.

The action plan is in your hands.

  • Kyra Kegley Bishop ’77
    Chief Financial Officer,
    Berry Home Center, Inc.
    Chilhowie, Virginia
  • William B. Pendleton ’72
    Chief Executive Officer (retired),
    Cornerstone Bank
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Gary M. Reedy ’78
    Chief Executive Officer,
    American Cancer Society, Inc.
    Atlanta, Georgia


Jeoffery B. Bodenhorst '75

Kathryn C. Davidson '91

Peter G. Gerry

Vaughn R. Groves

E. Stephen Hunt '71

Eric S. Johnson '79

A. Susan Keene '86

Tyler G. Kidd '98

Thomas D. McGlothlin '68

Gary L. Peacock

B. Fielding Rolston

Richard W. Trollinger '71

Donna Proffit Vaughn '68

Peter S. Walters '70

L. Carole Wharton '63

George A. Whitley '77