Doing Well by Doing Good

At Emory & Henry, education is as much about preparing students to do good as it is about preparing them to do well. It is an experience that graduates take with them for life. Emory & Henry demonstrates a passion for improving the world through visionary and driven students.

Yet, Emory & Henry has the potential to reach new heights. Through your philanthropic participation in Ascend you can help lift the College to new levels of greatness and heightened vistas of influence.

Connected to the spirit of the historic calling of this institution, we are employing the power of the Emory & Henry ideal to innovate and create. We begin Ascend with the passion, energy and ingenuity of our students, who come to this College first trusting — and then experiencing — the real difference that Emory & Henry makes.

Our Defining Time

Emory & Henry students see their years at the College as the time to begin their futures, rather than simply prepare for them. They understand the connection between the college experience and the chance to change the world. They become engaged in integral learning and applying their knowledge to the world in meaningful ways.

This evolution of the Emory & Henry mission — driven by enterprising students, dedicated faculty and visionary leadership — presents all stakeholders of the College with an extraordinary opportunity to help advance the institution. It also underscores our greatest test. Because today, many colleges and universities face formidable challenges including fast-changing technology, shifting demographics, financial pressure on families, heightened student expectations and rising costs in higher education. The harsh reality is that institutions that adapt with innovation and creativity to the new higher education landscape will thrive, while others will be left behind.

How we choose to respond will define the viability and potential of this institution in the critical time ahead. It is a time for the active participation of all who care about Emory & Henry and its impact on students’ preparations for life. Ascend is the conduit through which we can work together to ensure that our College will continue to prepare leaders, thinkers and difference makers.

Reaching High

Realizing our vision requires that we reach high for a goal of $80 million to achieve our objectives, thereby making Ascend the boldest fundraising initiative in the College’s history.

Meeting this goal will propel Emory & Henry to the forefront of those innovative institutions that are redefining education in America. Through this campaign, Emory & Henry will reimagine our educational approach, grow our endowment, finance important capital projects and effectively underwrite operations through 2021.

As the College attains new heights, our alumni and community friends will rise with it. As the institution’s identity and impact grow, so will the value of an Emory & Henry degree and the College’s commitment to the communities we serve.

Emory & Henry has set out to achieve five goals that will dramatically strengthen the student experience and markedly raise the profile of the college.

Heightened Vistas of Influence

The founders of Emory & Henry imagined a day when the influence of their vision would impact the nation, the world and all who experience the College.

Obstacles have been overcome and changes have been successfully navigated in the College’s 180-year history of “increasing in excellence.” Emory & Henry continues to feed the aspirations of generations of young people who have reshaped what it means to “find your place” in the world, whether in Southwest Virginia or on a global scale.

Emory & Henry is on an upward trajectory that must now be energized to keep its momentum, enable its dynamic faculty and dedicated staff to expand the sphere of influence that is Emory & Henry, and validate the College as a true institution of higher learning, rooted in the values and traditions from which it is nourished.

Through Ascend, Emory & Henry will reaffirm its core values while embracing innovation and creativity to both fortify and reimagine the College’s relevance in this changing world.

What is your Emory & Henry experience? What will your legacy to Emory & Henry be?

Let us rise together to realize this vision.