International Education: Helping Students Become Global Citizens

The Emory & Henry International Education program challenges students to become engaged with other cultures, belief systems, languages and customs. International experiences contribute to the success of students and add to what they bring to the academic program. Here’s how three individuals are providing support through the Ascend Campaign to make this happen.
     Three of the College’s Trustees who grew up in Southwest Virginia found their lives profoundly changed after traveling the globe. Recently, each has provided significant gifts to support international education, leaving a lasting legacy in hopes that others will be inspired to do the same.
      Having his horizons expanded by professor Samir Saliba, Peter Walters ’70 found a global outlook to be quite useful in later years. “I had a substantial career in international business development that was aided by my E&H education,” he says. “My wife, Carol, and I wanted to find some way to recognize Dr. Saliba’s contribution to my career and to all the students he touched during his own career, so we created an endowed fund in Dr. Saliba’s name to provide support for international education.”
      “The future of small, private liberal arts colleges like Emory & Henry is uncertain, yet their history and current performance is extremely important to our national goals. We can make a difference in our nation by supporting the mission of these institutions that have helped shape our own lives and help shape the lives of others,” says Walters.
      Stephen Hunt ’71 credits professors Samir Saliba, Gene Rasor and Mac Purifoy for sparking his interest in a career in international diplomacy.
      “Emory & Henry encouraged me to pursue a public service career in the Federal Government, inspired me to learn how to understand people and contributed mightily to the breadth and depth of my cultural and historical knowledge,” Hunt says.
      Following graduate school, Hunt served in the U.S. Department of Education for 30 years, completing his career as a diplomat and representing the United States on international higher education matters.
      “My support of international education builds upon my experiences and reflects the goals I have set for my life. My hope is our students will learn the value of being international, multicultural, tolerant of others and confident in themselves. This is the essential connection between learning and the world of work,” adds Hunt.

      “Coming to Emory & Henry from Wytheville, Va., I had experienced a very limited scope of travel,” says Bill Pendleton ’72. “Professor Frau Roth suggested I study at Emory & Henry’s sister institution, the University of Gottingen. I spent two months in Germany living with a German family, studying with Professor Roth and traveling in Germany, Austria and Italy. Because my family did not have the funds, I borrowed the money for the trip – maybe one of my best decisions.”
      “Returning home, my mother pointed out that I had a whole new perspective on life,” says Pendleton. “Sixteen years later, I was an executive officer of an Atlanta community bank, a career which resulted in several successful businesses and ventures. My trip to Germany as a student opened my eyes to the opportunity to do business and build friends around the world.”
      Pendleton notes, “If alumni want the College to remain vibrant and offer an exceptional educational experience, we have no other choice than to give our hard earned money. The unpretentious, caring learning environment is one of the many things that make Emory & Henry special.”


Ascend Lift-Off Events: Celebrating with Alumni and Friends!
As a part of Ascend, The Campaign for New Heights, alumni and friends are gathering to show their love and support of this special place. 
Following the success of the initial event in Roanoke, Va., last December, alumni and friends have continued to turn out in robust numbers to hear about exciting developments at the College, its future and how they can be a part of the excitement happening at Emory & Henry.
      Northern Virginia and D.C. metro-area alumni and friends gathered at the Workhouse Arts Center in April. Many thanks to host Tim ’75 and Barbara Rizer along with co-hosts Chuck Alexander ’89, Pam Buchanan ’90, David Dix ’67, and Dan ’63 and Scotty Delius ’62 Zimmerman
      Richmond-area alumni and friends gathered at Brio Tuscan Grille for a night of fun and fellowship in April. The event was co-hosted by Stefan ’95 and Jody Petersen ’93 Cametas, Brad ’67 and Pat Rodgers ’68 Fellows, Tyler ’98 and Margaret Turman ’98 Kidd and Lynda Jones Hawkins ’66.
        Up Next: We are headed to Nashville! Join President Jake Schrum and Provost John Wells while socializing with classmates and friends; November 29 from 6:30 8:00 p.m. at the Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill. Your co-hosts are Gene ’68 and Norma Nuchols ’68 Beck, Jill Fachilla and Jennie Pruner Smith ’67.