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Samantha Jones Jackson (E&H '11): Behind the Chemistry

Samantha Jones Jackson …E…H …11… is living in Iowa… Louisiana… using her chemistry degree to work on energy and chemical developments. She…s in the research and development section of Sasol
Samantha Jones Jackson has connections to E&H that reach back to her birth. These days she's putting her E&H Chemistry degree to work to make the world a stronger place.

Micah Morris ('09): Fighting Apathy

A conversation with Micah Morris is energizing. She says one of the best lessons she has …learned in life is that …Everyone can get together and make a difference
Micah Morris has found herself involved in the realm of politics and loves watching people get fired up for improving their communities. These days she's providing the tools to make it easier to run an election campaign.

Jim and Vicki Hatcher Snead ('72, '71): In High Gear

When Jim Snead graduated from Emory … Henry in 1972 he went to work for a car dealership. But his mother let him know that she …thought that was a
The Sneads are celebrating an anniversary -- not silver or gold; more like rubber and chrome.

Lillian Minix

Lillian Minix …E…H '15… is the full…time graphic and web coding designer for the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council in Ro…anoke… Virginia.  She takes care of the print and web design for the organization
Lillian Minix is taking her artistic talents to the Girl Scouts.

Stewart Whitmore Plein ('82); Rare Books Specialist

Stewart Plein …E…H …82… Assistant Curator for West Virginia Books … Printed Resources … Rare Book Librarian at West Virginia University… has received her certification in rare book librarianship from the University of Virginia
Stewart Whitmore Plein ('82) has just completed the work for her Rare Books Certificate, and that is a rare designation, indeed.

Norma Milam Garrett ('71) Publishes Life's Story

Norma Milam Garrett …E…H … Class of 1971… has recently finished a book about her life. Anyone who knows Norma knows well that this …is a book that needed to be written
This is no typical autobiography. Everyone needs to know the story of Norma Garrett's E&H experience and her life's accomplishments.

E&H Tennis Players Reunite for Eleanor Hutton's Birthday

Written by Lisa Countiss… E…H '81 A surprise 80th birthday party was held for former E…H Tennis Coach… Eleanor Hutton… at 128 Pecan… a restaurant in Abingdon
Eleanor Hutton turned 80 in November of 2016, and some of her best players came together for a reunion to celebrate the coaching icon

Susan Ratliff: 149 Sweets

Just about the time Susan Ratliff finished her employment with the University of Tennesse…e athletics program… she decided she wanted to be a baker.   Susan was a stand
Susan Ratliff (E&H '93) has put aside her life in athletics for awhile in order to follow her baking passion.

Emory & Henry in “Hidden Figures”

…UPDATE… Alumni and Friends are headed to Hampton for a lecture by Margot Lee Shetterly on March 7… 2017. Register soon… …CCM…BASE_URL…alumni…and…friends…upcoming
If you're reading "Hidden Figures" by Margot Lee Shetterly, you will want to read this story of how Katherine Johnson overlaps with some great Emory & Henry alumni! (The movie opens Christmas Day...we'll have to see if our folks made the cut!)

Charlie Sturgill: Protecting Nature

What would convince …65 grad Charlie Sturgill to report to Hungry Mother State Park …HMSP… before sunrise on a cold April morning to help count fish and birds and plants
Charlie Sturgill wants to protect our natural world -- and that means learning as much about it as possible.

Chris Whitt: A Man of Two Languages

It…s all Emory … Henry…s fault… says Chris Whitt …98…. …While I was a student… I participated in a teaching abroad program in Brazil that was offered by the college
Chris fell in love with Brazil while studying at Emory & Henry. Now, it is his home, and he's serving the community there.

Santa's Helper

Everyone needs a helper now and then. And this time of year… Santa needs all the help he can get.  Thank goodness he has someone like Alvin Crowder …E…H
Alvin Crowder (E&H '64) has retired from education but he is still wearing a suit to just looks nothing like his old business suit!

Organ Music is Alive and Well!

Brenda Graves Goslee …E…H …63… is living her childhood dream. …Organ was always my career path.  I cannot remember a time when I did not love organ music
Brenda Graves Goslee (E&H '63) has spent a lifetime perfecting her skills as a musician -- and training the next generation of organists.

Katy Treash: Passionate About Service

If you visit The Thrift Store on Abingdon…s Main Street… you…re likely to be greeted by a big smile from Katy Dowe Treash …02… behind the cash register. Katy routinely gives a Saturday of work to this store that offe
For a lot of people, having spare time means shopping at a favorite store; but for Katy Dowe Treash (E&H '02) it means working at a store...with a mission.

Tracy Ross: Passionate About Empowerment

Tracy Ross …97… felt led in a new direction. …I felt a void that I could never shake.…    So… after years of working in the corporate world… she has started a company with the sole purpose of uplifting and empowering others.  Trac
Tracy Ross (E&H '97) has made a bold move toward solving a problem. (Photo credit: Jadien Jones Photography)

Robinson Honored by Travel Industry

Debbie Robinson …E…H …80… was recognized with the Ohio…s highest travel industry honor… the Paul Sherlock Lifetime Achievement Award in Tourism. The award was made in October of
Debbie Robinson (E&H '80) has just been awarded Ohio's top travel industry award.

A National Park Treasure: Hobie Cawood

In a year with so much talk about the 100th anniversary of our National Park System… Hobie Cawood …E…H …57… has to be part of the discussion. Hobie is… after all
Hobie Cawood (E&H '57) served in the National Park Service for most of his career. While working in Philadelphia he orchestrated one of the most remarkable tourist phenomenons in history. (Photo Credit Rich Dunoff 1985)

Woodward and The Origin Project

Adriana Trigiani and Margot Lee Shetterly were recently on the stage of the Barter Theatr…e in front of a packed house … full of school kids … and you could have heard a pin drop. The two authors
Linda Neff Woodward (re '75) likes to be in the background of photos: but that doesn't mean she isn't at the forefront making a different for The Origin Project. If you didn't think it possible to get kids to enjoy writing, you'll be amazed by this story.

Life Changing

Emory … Henry is listed Loren Pope's book Colleges That Change Lives for a reason. Many alumni wi…ll explain that their E…H college experience was transforming
Robert Hudson (E&H '10) got off to a rocky start in life, but the YMCA, Emory & Henry, and basketball changed his life. (Photo credit, Shelley Mays, The Tennessean)

Trollinger Honored by IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Emory … Henry College alumnus Richard Trollinger …E…H Class of 1971… has been honored for his lifelong career in fundraising and education advocacy. Richard c
Richard Trollinger (E&H '71) was recently honored by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Alumni Association with their Distinguished Alumni Award.