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Mettle for Just Such a Time

For a good while now… many observers have been making dire predictions about the future of liberal arts college…s and universities. A bubble is about to burst
Competition and hard times have always bred in this country invention that leads to progress. That scenario has applied to all industries, but should be especially true of higher education in the liberal arts, where creative problem solving has always bee…

Liberal Arts: At the Heart of Our American Values

Let's begin by stating categorically… if liberal arts education in America declines… so does the very heart of America. The conjecture about the future of private liberal art
More than anything we entertain in our American life, the liberal arts are the highest exercise of our independence. In no other undertaking do we use the advantages of our liberty to explore freely the wide array of possibilities that enlarge our minds, …

E&H Ranked Among Top 50 National Liberal Arts Colleges

Emory … Henry College has been named the top liberal arts institution in Virginia by the Washingt…on Monthly… whose rankings have gained notoriety this year with the help of President Obama. Consis
For the fifth consecutive year, the Monthly has ranked Emory & Henry among the top 50 national liberal arts institutions. Ranked at 45, Emory & Henry is also one of only two Virginia institutions in the top 100 on the list.