Choosing a Major

We can assist students in a variety of ways through the process of picking a major or exploring career options by utilizing assessments (skills, interest and personality), career research, networking and/or job shadowing to support students.

What are some options for assistance?

Option 1:  Research Careers

A great place to begin to research potential careers is to look at careers that individuals have pursued by major or academic area.  To view the diversity of careers that one can pursue with a particular major, visit the Careers by Major web site.  If you already know the career you are interested in, but want to know more about educational requirements, job outlook, and salary ranges for that career, visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook, an all-inclusive career exploration web site compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Careers by Major 

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Option 2:  FOCUS 2

FOCUS 2 is your one-stop major and career exploration portal:
  • Free, interactive, and customized career exploration platform for Emory & Henry students
  • Thorough and reliable because you will complete two career-readiness assessments and five career attribute assessments 
  • Personalized results:  View a report matching your results from the seven career assessments to majors at Emory & Henry College and subsequent career areas
  • Using your Emory & Henry username (example:  ehstudent18) and password!  Step-by-step instructions are linked here (e-mail Amanda Gardner if you require instructions in an alternate format or if you have other questions/concerns about Focus 2.

Log in to FOCUS 2 today 

Option 3:  Career Classes

GNST 202-Major and Career Exploration (the career class) will allow students a space to explore majors and subsequently careers related to their individual interests, skills, values, and personality type through career assessments, occupational resources, and informational interviews.  Students will develop skills for career exploration, research, and reflection that will be applicable to their academic career and life after college. One semester hour.

GNST 203-Transition to the World of Work- The goal of this class is to empower you with the skills and resources needed to become Career & Life Ready, including conducting a successful internship or job search, which can lead to meaningful employment upon graduation. We will focus on learning how to articulate the advantages of your liberal arts degree to diverse employers, exploring career possibilities by major, determining the most beneficial internship and job search resources/strategies, creating a strong resume, cover letter, and digital presence, and connecting with professionals that can help you reach your unique definition of career and life success.

Career Class

Option 4:  Schedule an Appointment With a Career Counselor

Whether you are in the process of picking a major or deciding what careers are possible with your academic program, you can meet one-on-one with a career counselor. 

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