Real World Ready

Emory & Henry College Graduates

Are you real world ready?  Need a GPS for adulthood?

Real World Ready is a platform that helps students and recent graduates transition into life after school. From paying off student loans to saving for retirement, RealWorld’s online program, “Real World Ready”, provides students with critical knowledge and skills to thrive in life post-grad.

Real World Ready is free to all Emory & Henry College students and recent graduates.  Access is as easy as 1-2-3:  

  1. Visit Real World Ready 
  2. Select “Enroll Now”  
  3. Utilize code EHC2020

Videos Include:

Personal FinancePersonal Finance Module on Real World Ready




Leasing an Apartment Module on Real World ReadyLeasing an Apartment




Student Loans Module through Real World ReadyStudent Loans




Your First Year Out Module on Real World ReadyYour First Year Out