Message from the Collective Connections Campaign Co-Chairs

We are honored to serve as co-chairs of the Collective Connections Campaign for Regional Impact and National Reach. As proud alumni of this historic institution, we know firsthand the power of an Emory & Henry education. We have seen the remarkable ways this education can have a transformative effect on our students, our community, and the wider world.

Inspired by the motto “Increase in Excellence,” the first faculty at Emory & Henry challenged students to grow and develop intellectually, spiritually and physically. Over these many years, we have only strengthened and deepened our commitment to transforming lives and increasing excellence. The Collective Connections Campaign will provide new opportunities to empower more students to embrace the power of an Emory & Henry education and experience to change their own lives and amplify their excellence.

It is said, every great leader stands on the shoulders of those who came before them. President Wells is our great leader, poised at this unprecedented time in the history of the College to bring together the vision and efforts of his predecessors to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand our regional impact and national reach.

Through this campaign, our collective efforts will ensure our Emory & Henry connections are exemplified by our students and alumni in perpetuity in service to our beloved region of Southwest Virginia.

Join us by supporting the Collective Connections Campaign!

  • Kyra Bishop ’77
    Chilhowie, Va.
  • Tom Bishop ’75
    Chilhowie, Va.


Jeoff Bodenhorst ’75, Abingdon, Va.
Henri Fitzgerald ’00, Winston Salem, N.C.
Margaret Kidd ’98, Richmond, Va.
Tyler Kidd ’98, Richmond, Va.
Elliott Moore, Board of Trustee, Bristol, Tenn.
Israel O’Quinn ’02, Bristol, Va.
Wayland Overstreet ’63, Dublin, Va.
George Whitley ’77
, Abingdon, Va.