College Health Center


Emory & Henry maintains an outpatient health center and provides outpatient medical treatment for minor illness and injury. 

Student fees cover office visit costs for medical services. No insurance is filed, no copays are required. Supply charges, normally under $10, such as over-the-counter medications and non-returnable therapeutic equipment are placed on the student’s account in the Business Office. If you provide allergy serum, shots are administered for the cost of the disposable syringe. For laboratory tests and prescription medications, insurance is filed by the outside provider or pharmacy.

All health records are confidential and not connected to academic records in any way. The College complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. For more information, view the HIPAA Policy.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation in non-emergency situations. Students too ill to attend class should arrange medical attention during regular Health Center hours. Appointments are REQUIRED, no walk-ins during Spring semester 2021. Students are responsible for communicating with professors regarding academic work missed due to illness. Campus medical services are not intended to meet the needs of serious illness or accident. Treatment for such is the responsibility of each student, faculty/staff, and their family. 

Resident students requiring medical attention at hours other than the scheduled health center hours should contact the Community Advisor or Resident Advisor on duty to arrange for care. During hours when the Health Center is closed an Urgent Care center is available to students:

Ballad Urgent Care (Abingdon)

24530 Falcon Place Blvd, Suite 201 Abingdon, VA 24211 (map)
M-F  8 a.m. - 8 p.m. 
Sat-Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Ballad Nurse Connect Hotline, available 24/7 for health related questions:   1-833-822-5523

  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">When is the E&H “Immunization Record and Medical Information Form” due?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Fall admission due July 1<br/>Spring admission due December 1 <a class="faq-widget-link link-with-arrow yellow" href="/live/blurbs/653-when-is-the-eamph-immunization-record-and-medical">More info</a></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">Where are first aid supplies on campus?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Offices across the campus* and Resident Advisors have basic first aid kits. There is a kit located in Wesley Parlor of Memorial Chapel that can be accessed if needed for outdoor areas, such as sand volleyball and tennis courts. Supplies are available from the Health Center during regular business hours. <a class="faq-widget-link link-with-arrow yellow" href="/live/blurbs/1355-where-are-first-aid-supplies-on-campus">More info</a></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">How can I obtain a copy of my submitted immunization records?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Call (276-944-6219) then send an email request to: <a href=""></a>. Include your full name, date of birth, year of graduation or year you left E&H, and a telephone number where you can be reached. Per College policy, records are kept for 10 years.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">Where can I dispose of unused/expired medications or sharps on campus?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The Health Center has bio-hazardous waste disposal. Disposal will be taken care of for you, no questions asked. Please call ahead during spring semester 2021 to set a time to bring any sharps, unused or expired medications to the front desk during our operating hours.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">What type of services does the Health Center offer students?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer"><p> Allergy injections; basic health supplies; BP checks; care for minor injuries such as strains or sprains; cultures; dressing changes; ear lavage; educational materials; examinations by Doctor/Nurse Practitioner certified in Internal Medicine; injections including annual influenza vaccines; lab draws for SCT; pregnancy tests; physicals including returner sports and travel/summer job; prescriptions with appropriate documentation required for controlled substances; screening tests for: blood glucose, influenza, mononucleosis, strep throat, urinary tract infections; referrals; staple and suture removal; STI testing during on site health department clinic; TB skin testing</p></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">Where are you located?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The Health Center is located between the Emory US Post Office and McPherson Center in the Village. Space is shared with the Emory Internal Medicine private office. <a class="faq-widget-link link-with-arrow yellow" href="/live/blurbs/651-where-are-you-located">More info</a></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">What services does the Health Center offer to E&H faculty and staff members?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Allergy injections; BP checks; dressing changes; ear lavage; first aid for minor injuries; injections such as influenza vaccines (at cost, no insurance filed), or patient provided prescribed injections such as B12; staple and suture removal; TB skin testing. Spring 2021: appointments are required, mask required for entry into building. Appointments to see the doctor or nurse practitioner must be made through the Emory Internal Medicine office using private insurance.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question">Where are AED’s located?</div><div class="faq-widget-answer"><ul><li>Brooks Field House—Athletic Training Office (portable) </li><li>Health Center (unit maintained by Ballad Health) </li><li>Kelly Library (near the circulation desk to Left of counter) </li><li>King Center (mounted in the hallway outside of the gym-easily obscured if doorway is open) </li><li>King Center–Athletic Training office (portable) </li><li>Martin Brock (<em>to be placed soon, outside of gym, near restrooms)</em></li><li>McGlothlin Center for the Arts (Main Lobby) </li><li>McGlothlin-Street Hall (1st floor hallway near phone) </li><li>McPherson Community Center (located outside the exercise room on the bottom floor) </li><li>Memorial Chapel, Mason Fellowship Hall (outside kitchen entrance on wall between restroom doors<em>)</em></li><li>Outdoor Center (<em>to be placed soon)</em></li><li>Security (2 portable units) </li><li>Van Dyke (mounted in hallway to the left of the main cafeteria doors) </li><li>Wiley (<em>to be installed, 2<sup>nd</sup> floor outside of auditorium</em>) </li><li>Barlett-Crowe Field Station </li><li>Equestrian Center </li><li>SHS campus, Marion (Near Lecture Hall; near Falls Prevention Center, first floor; outside Admin Suite B, second floor; Smyth Hall, downstairs) </li></ul><a class="faq-widget-link link-with-arrow yellow" href="/live/blurbs/1356-where-are-aeds-located">More info</a></div></aside>