Office of Marketing & Communications


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” – Benjamin Franklin

In the Office of Marketing and Communications, we like to write about, speak about and promote the many “somethings worth writing about” that happen everyday at Emory & Henry College.

The College’s mission statement speaks of important values of service “to others in our region and the larger world” and our belief that excellence comes from a challenging educational process in a caring environment. The Office of Marketing and Communications promotes the College mission which is drawn from the type of students, staff and faculty who are a part of this institution. The College’s image is supported by a branding statement and key messages that draw upon the College’s distinctiveness. These messages are intended to both recruit and retain students and build a base of loyal alumni and other supporters. 

What we do

The Emory & Henry Office of Marketing and Communications promotes the mission and identity of the College through a variety of print and online publications and the website for students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, friends of the College and the general public. We are involved in branding and communications for admissions, advancement, the president’s office and the McGlothlin Center for the Arts. We also assist the Office of Student Life, and academic and other departments.

The Marketing and Communications Office oversees the website, social media, media relations, photography/videography, production of top tier publications such as the Emory & Henry Magazine, admissions recruitment materials and advancement print and electronic communications. The Marketing and Communications Office manages internal and crisis communications and assists with community relations. Oversight of the College radio station, WEHC 90.7, also resides with the Office of Marketing and Communications.

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“Emory & Henry College is a transformative academic community. Our education is distinguished by advancement sometimes sudden, sometimes gradual—toward expanded personal potential and enlightened civic responsibility. This transformation, this increase in excellence, is the foundation of our campus culture. Its impact is lasting and profound.”


When talking to anyone about Emory & Henry College, remember this!
Emory & Henry changes lives thanks to:

  • Outstanding Faculty and the national and state awards to prove it!
  • Civic Engagement based not only on action but on finding solutions to problems.
  • Successful Graduates, alumni making a difference all over the world!