Local Vaccination Information

Virginia’s vaccination site is now open

Please note that the COVID-19 Vaccination registration website for the state of Virginia is now active. 

Register here

Currently, employees of IHEs will be in the preregistration phase as we remain in Category 1C. We continue to work with and communicate with local health care officials each week on vaccine availability.

Note that when asking about employment status in the preregistration form, there is a specific place to click “Institutions of Higher Education Faculty or Staff.” Clicking this is important as it will dictate to the system that your preregistration belongs in Category 1C.<

Governor Northam Updates

On January 6, Governor Northam gave an update on Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan. See the press release here.

See the latest updated news from Governor Northam here.


Information about the Virginia Department of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine response, including phases, can be found here. 

When Can I Get Vaccinated?

See the Virginia Department of Health’s resource to check.

Find out which phase of the vaccination campaign you fall in.

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Local COVID-19 Testing Information

Visit the Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems website for the most recent information for COVID-19 testing sites. Southwest VA Community Health Systems, 276-496-4433.

  • Ballad Nurse Connect, 833-822-5523
  • Washington County Health Department,  276-676-5604
  • Smyth County Health Department, 276-781-7460


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Mental Health Tips

Mental health during coronavirus.


Keep your Mask Clean and Safe

Keep your mask clean and safe.