Based on recommendations from the College’s COVID-19 Task Force, Spring Semester 2021 classes will begin on January 13 for the Emory Campus and January 18 for the Marion Campus.

All students are responsible for complying with the rules, standards, and procedures as outlined in the Return to Campus planning.

Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

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Returning Students

Student Vaccination Records

As you begin to receive doses of the vaccine (or, in the case of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, your single dose), please fill out the following form. This is a confidential form and your information will only be shared with Student Health Services so that charts in the Student Health Center can be updated.

Spring 2021

See the latest campus update here for the full listing of information in regards to returning to campus.

**Please submit your test results at this link in order to move into campus housing or access campus.

*** Please note that those who have tested positive in the 90 days prior to returning to campus will not need to be tested again. We will have those records. If you have specific questions regarding whether or not you fall into this category, please contact me by responding to this email.

Gatherings & Events

Access to residence halls will be limited to the students assigned to the residence hall and designated Housing staff. Non-essential common spaces including, but not limited to, lounges, kitchens, and media rooms, will be closed to discourage gatherings that violate physical distancing requirements. Signage, floor markings, etc. will be posted to remind residents to maintain physical distancing at all times.

All residence hall programming will be virtual unless approved by the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

At the beginning of each semester, student organizations will be expected to complete Presence, Crowd Management, and Food Handling training. See details below: 

  • Presence Training: Student organizations will learn how to manage their club through tracking rosters and attendance, creating forms and events, and managing budgets. 

  • Crowd Management Training: Students will learn how to effectively manage large crowds during meetings and events. Students will understand and implement Emory & Henry College COVID-19 policies. Students will receive a checklist they must complete before and after all meetings and events. 

  • Food Handling Training: Students will learn how to safety manage packaged food during meetings and events. Groups should only provide food that is pre-packaged and/or catered. There should be no homemade food items.

Updated Alcohol Policy

All of the following are now violations of the Code of Student Code as it pertains to alcohol

  • Possession, sale, distribution, consumption of, and being in the presence of alcohol regardless of age.
  • Possession, sale, distribution, and consumption of alcohol off campus for those under the legal age to possess alcohol.
  • Sale or distribution of alcohol to those under the legal age to possess alcohol.
  • Driving while under the noticeable effect of alcohol.
  • Any behavior that is the direct result of alcohol consumption. Any student found to be visibly impacted by alcohol consumption will be found in violation of the alcohol policy.
  • Possession of any items that provide for the common distribution of alcoholic beverages on property owned, occupied, or leased by the College or in College facilities. Furthermore, empty containers of alcohol (beer cans, beer bottles, wine bottles, distilled spirits, etc.) are a violation of the alcohol policy. 
  • Consumption from or the possession of an open container of alcohol in public, off-campus locations regardless of age except at licensed events or establishments. 
  • Any student, regardless of age, found to be acutely intoxicated, will be evaluated by Emergency Services for possible hospital treatment. 

Dining Services

Dining services, provided by Sodexo, will be modified to promote physical distancing in the main dining hall as well as related retail operations across the campus. Modified hours, additional meal times, reduced occupancy, and new to-go options will be implemented to reduce the numbers of dining patrons at any one time.

School of Health Sciences

The E&H COVID-19 Task Force and the SHS Leadership Council will continue to monitor the pandemic. Classes on the Marion Campus will begin on January 11, 2021.  

Powell Resource Center

The Powell Resource Center at Emory & Henry College remains committed to supporting you in achieving your academic, personal and professional goals. The PRC’s comprehensive network of support, including academic support, counseling services, and disability support, remains available to you. We recognize the impact that current stressors and multiple unexpected changes may be having on your sense of well-being, overall mental health and productivity. Please remember you do not have to face these uncertain times alone. We’re here for you!


While the PRC located in Wiley Hall will be open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., services will be on an appointment-only basis, with the majority happening virtually unless there is a crisis or urgent need. You can schedule an appointment:

  • by filling out the form online
  • by phone at 276-944-6144
  • by emailing Administrative Assistant Ashley Gardner at 
  • Support after hours is available by contacting Campus Police or reaching out to the Resident Advisor on duty who can reach the counselor on call

College Health Center

The College Health Center walk-in visits have been suspended. All in-person visits are by appointment only, 276-944-6219. You can also schedule a telehealth appointment. 

Kelly Library

Kelly Library building is open only to current College faculty, students, and staff.

Community patrons and the general public are welcome to borrow materials through their home library (WCPL, King University, or TCPL) and are welcome to call or ask for reference assistance via Library Help.

Only current college faculty, staff, and students may enter the building. For the most recent updates in information and building hours visit the E&H Library web pages.