Dining Services


Campus Dining

Dining is an enjoyable experience on the E&H campus with many options to choose from, and our range of meal plan options allows you to choose the dining program that best meets your needs.

Residential Student Meal Plan

  • 19 Meals per week plus $260 Flex Dollars and $260 GET Funds Cash: $5,800 per year (default meal plan)
  • 14 Meals per week plus $300 Flex Dollars and $300 GET Funds Cash: $5,600 per year
  • 10 Meals per week plus $300 Flex Dollars, $300 GET Funds Cash: $4,600 per year (requires junior or senior status)
  • All residential students are required to have a meal plan.

Commuter Meal Plan

  • 5 Meals per week plus $250 Flex Dollars and $250 GET Funds Cash, 10 Bonus Meals: $1850 per year
  • Daily meal rates are available. 

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars may be used at Sodexo venues (the dining hall, the Hut - WOW Café, Stinger’s Café & Simply To Go).

GET Funds Cash

  • OneCard is being replaced Fall 2018 by a GET Funds cards.
  • GET Funds Cash is usable for a variety of purposes outside of meal plans such as Sodexo venues, Macado’s and Emory Mercantile & Bookstore.
  • Students, Faculty, Staff visit the online portal to add money to your GET Funds card ($10.00 minimum).

  • Parents, Guardians or other relatives and friends can go here to deposit into a students account ($10.00 minimum).*You will need to know the student ID #.

  • You can also take cash or check to the Business Office located in Wiley Hall.