Tuition Payment Plan

Assisting students and families in meeting their financial needs is one of our biggest concerns. Students and parents can benefit from our Tuition Payment Plan as an alternative to traditional tuition payment arrangements. 

The Tuition Payment Plan can help you avoid additional borrowing by allowing you to make monthly payments. The less you have to borrow now means the less you will have to pay back later!

Please note that Emory & Henry is changing payment plan providers as we move to a new campus system called Jenzebar. Based on our continued commitment to help you more easily afford an education, Emory & Henry College is making the change mid-summer. More information is forthcoming. 


Please make sure you have your budget amount from the college or contact Sunny Crisp in student accounts at if you cannot access your statement or may need a statement sent to you.

No Interest Charges

The Emory & Henry College Tuition Payment Plan provides a way to pay your educational expenses in easy monthly installments with no interest charges. By taking advantage of the Tuition Payment Plan, you can budget your costs to best fit your individual needs.

Convenient Monthly Payment Plans

The Term Plan (Fall and Spring) allows you to spread your education expenses over smaller monthly installments, which are paid over the course of the semester or term. 

Setting Up Your Tuition Payment Plan Account

  • More information is forthcoming in summer 2021.