Tuition Payment Plan

Assisting students and families in meeting their financial needs is one of our biggest concerns. Students and parents can benefit from our Tuition Payment Plan as an alternative to traditional tuition payment arrangements. 

The Tuition Payment Plan will help you avoid additional borrowing by allowing you to make monthly payments. The less you have to borrow now means the less you will have to pay back later!

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The Tuition Payment Plan offers an automatic debit and automatic credit card payment option. To set up an account, visit the Tuition Payment Plan website, or call 800-551-2773 ext. 15 to speak with the Plan Administrator.

No Interest Charges

The Emory & Henry College Tuition Payment Plan provides a way to pay your educational expenses in easy monthly installments with no interest charges. By taking advantage of the Tuition Payment Plan, you can budget your costs to best fit your individual needs.


The only cost to participate in the Emory & Henry College Tuition Payment Plan is a one-time enrollment fee.

  • Early Bird Enrollment — $35
  • Annual Plan Enrollment Fee — $65
  • 4–Pay Semester Plan Enrollment Fee — $45

Convenient, Easy, Flexible Payments

Emory & Henry College makes monthly payments easy, convenient and flexible. The Tuition Payment Plan offers three ways to budget your college expenses—a 12-, 10- or 8-pay plan for annual expenses or a 4-pay plan for each semester. You can choose from two different payment methods to best fit your needs. Our Automatic Debit Option is the easiest and most convenient. Avoid late fees and writing another check by having your payments deducted from your bank account. The Automatic Credit Card Option works the same way except that your monthly payment will be automatically charged to your credit card. A non-refundable convenience fee of 3.2% will be assessed on credit card payments.

Setting Up Your Tuition Payment Plan Account

  Enroll Online

Download & Mail My Tuition Payment Plan Form

You may set up your Tuition Payment Plan online or by calling the Plan Administrator, Advanced Education Services, Inc., at 1-800-551-2773, ext. 15 or Submit the enrollment form by mail to the following address:

Emory & Henry College
Tuition Payment Plan
P.O. Box 90187
Harrisburg, PA 17109-0187

Please be sure to enroll prior to the plan start dates if you wish to take full advantage of all available payments. Late enrollment in the Tuition Payment Plan is permitted but will reduce the number of payments in your plan according to the following schedule. Enrollment after August 1 deadline and January 2 deadline must be approved by Emory & Henry.

Tuition Payment Plan Start Dates

  • Annual 12-Pay Plan starts May 1
  • Annual 10-Pay Plan starts July 1
  • Annual 8-Pay Plan starts August 1
  • Fall Semester 4-Pay Plan starts August 1
  • Spring Semester 4-Pay Plan starts January 2