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Emory & Henry is a better place because those who believe in the College also support the institution with their resources.


Emory & Henry needs your support to thrive. It’s just that simple. Whether your gift is small or large–it is vital. Take a moment to look at ways in which you can make a difference for our students and the College.

Your gift to Emory & Henry helps provide the resources to support a new generation of outstanding students and the work of a superior faculty. The generosity of alumni, families, and other supporters makes a significant impact throughout campus. From academics to affordability, student life to sustainability–your gifts help empower the institution.

July 2020

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I continue to be grateful for your commitment and loyalty to Emory & Henry College. There is no question that these past few months have presented challenges. THANK YOU for all that you do to help our students thrive and flourish.

I am delighted to report that donors contributed a total of $1,589,068 in unrestricted gifts and $260,716 in support of our athletic programs (I-HEY) in the 2019-2020 fiscal year which ended June 30. We also appreciate those who supported other areas of the College with designated gifts, bringing the total to $9,361,300. In addition, the College submitted grant requests in conjunction with COVID-19 federal funding and received $4,710,598 bringing the grand total to $14,071,898 this past year!

You play a valuable role in allowing our students to have the most meaningful, interactive learning experience possible. We appreciate all you do to continue to make Emory & Henry College a place of connections.

With sincere appreciation,

Dr. John W. Wells

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