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Thank you for making Emory & Henry so successful! We feel truly blessed to have received such wonderful support from our alumni, families, employees, students and friends.

Thank you for your generosity and for investing in the future of Emory & Henry and our students.

give TODAY  

Emory & Henry needs your support to thrive. It’s just that simple. Whether your gift is small or large–it is vital. Take a moment to look at ways in which you can make a difference for our students and the College.

Make A Gift!

Your gift to Emory & Henry helps provide the resources to support a new generation of outstanding students and the work of a superior faculty. The generosity of alumni, families, and other supporters makes a significant impact throughout campus. From academics to affordability, student life to sustainability–your gifts help empower the institution.

We know that connections are the cornerstone of the Emory & Henry experience. Our collective connections are exemplified by our deeply rooted sense of place and purpose, shared encounters and traditions; and our academic commitment to excellence and meaningful experiences. Learn more about the Collective Connections Campaign at www.ehc.edu/collectiveconnections.

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