Annual Giving

Gifts to the Emory & Henry Fund and its Family of Funds are unrestricted and provide general support for the College.

Emory & Henry Fund

The Emory & Henry Fund (the annual fund) is important to the vitality and strength of the College as these unrestricted gifts empower the institution to focus resources where they are needed most. Some donors want a better understanding of where their gift is specifically being utilized. They do so by using a Family of Funds designation to direct their gift.

The Family of Funds

With the Family of Funds, contributors now have the opportunity to support one of six areas meaningful to them. Providing more giving options and new, broader choices enables you to direct your charitable support to an area most meaningful to you.

Areas of Greatest Need & Opportunity

Donations will be directed to the College’s most pressing, urgent needs and promising opportunities as defined by the President.

Academic Core:

Contributions support the five academic divisions of E&H (Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts and Education) as well as the International Education Program and faculty development and research.

Academic Support:

Gifts encompass direct support for areas like the Frederick Thrasher Kelly Library, the Paul Adrian Powell III Resource Center and educational technology improvements and upgrades.

Student Life:

Support underwrites the student government program and other important student-led organizations and clubs, student publications, community service organizations, security, the College’s Outdoor Program, intramural athletics and more.

Access & Affordability:

Gifts benefit the general scholarship fund which underwrites financial support to students qualifying for scholarships and work-study assistance to supplement tuition and fees.


Contributions provide underwriting support for projects that promote energy efficiency and the ethical stewardship of campus resources.

The College will reserve the option of reallocating funds among the designated areas in the unlikely case that contributions among those areas become severely unbalanced with just one or two gift options attracting the majority of the donations.

Parents Fund

There are many opportunities for parents of an Emory & Henry student to make an impact on the educational experiences of their students—attending events, meeting favorite professors, advising prospective E&H parents and more. Perhaps the biggest impact parents can make is to lend their financial support to the Parents Fund where donations are used to enhance the student experience on campus. 

I-HEY (I Help Every Year)

As a Division III institution, Emory & Henry College does not offer athletic scholarships so students participate in athletics because they have passion and heart. Thus, private financial support is especially important for our athletic programs. Annual contributions from alumni, parents and friends are the lifeblood of the E&H athletic program. 

Unrestricted donations to I-HEY are used for the benefit of all the student athletics and the various teams on campus. However, donors are also allowed to make “restricted” I-HEY contributions should they desire their support to be directed to one or more specific team.