Displaying Questions and Answers

Presenting content in a question-answer format makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.

If you have a commonly asked questions, or something that you know people are searching for, you can add it to the site as a Frequently Asked Question. Questions are displayed in a blue box that stands out from other content on the page. They also show up in search results.

To add a Frequently Asked Question, go to the LiveWhale dashboard (if you have access to multiple groups, make sure you’re in the right group for the question). 

From the LiveWhale Dashboard, go to Blurbs and select FAQs.

FAQ blurbs

Add a new FAQ blurb then enter content into each field as appropriate. Every question must have a short answer or summary. The detailed answer is optional. If you do have a question that requires a long answer, enter it here. Users will see the summary first and click to see the long answer on a different page - make sure the most important information is in the summary!

If the question is also useful to another group, suggest the question to that group at the bottom of the editor (for example, a question about science labs might be created by the biology department and shared with the chemistry department). You can add as many FAQs as you like.


Help! I added a question but it’s not showing up on my page.

First, you need to add the questions to your page using a widget. Click the red plus button, select Widget and look for the FAQ widgets. You can choose to show one random question, or display the top 10 questions:

Adding an FAQ widget.


How can I make a question appear first?

Use the top 10 questions widget. To determine which questions make it into the top 10, you can add little balloons to each question. Otherwise, newest questions appear first:

Adding and removing balloons