Emory & Henry Homepage

Switch into the Homepage group to edit the homepage.

Click here to see a preview of the homepage features.

Homepage Hero Feature

The main image and headline at the top of the homepage can be edited by going to:

Images > Collections > Homepage Hero Feature Images

Click on an image to edit, or add a new image. Please upload a large image: at least 1400px wide by 560px tall.

Star the image to appear on the homepage. Starred images are shown at random on the homepage.

Fill out the fields - you can add up to four lines for the headline. Try to keep the caption text under 1-2 lines and include a link.

You can test how the hero image will look like on the preview page (all images appear on the preview page).

Emergency Alerts

Use an emergency alert blurb to show more information below the homepage header rotation. For example, link to the emergency info page with updates and more details.

Go to Blurbs > Homepage Emergency Alerts to add an emergency alert to the homepage. The text from a starred, live blurb will have a red background, and replace the ampersand panel. *Only starred blurbs appear on the homepage*.

Set the text in Header 2, Header 3, Header 4, or italic to change the size and style. Add links where appropriate to other offices, depending on the type of emergency. Check the preview page to see how it looks (all live alerts appear on the preview page whether or not they are starred).

Ampersand/YouCan Panel

 Go to Blurbs > Ampersand Intro Panel to edit the text displayed under the main image. Three starred blurbs will appear on the homepage in title order: title 01, title 02, then title 03.

You can set the text in Header 2, Header 3, Header 4, or italic to change the size and style. Again, check the preview page to see how this looks (unstarred blurbs appear on the preview).

Homepage Student Spotlight

Starred students will appear on the homepage from the homepage group profile types, Student Spotlight.

You can create a new student in the homepage group, or share them from another group to the homepage group. Once in the homepage group, you’ll see a field for “Homepage Quote” and “Homepage Call to Action.” The location field is also required for the homepage. Check the preview page to see how this looks (unstarred students appear on the preview).

Top Stories

Shows the top three starred stories in the homepage group. You can balloon the stories to change the order they appear.

Save the Date

Shows one starred upcoming event from the homepage group. You can make the event repeating to appear on the homepage for a few days.

If no events are starred, unstarred events will appear. If there’s no upcoming event, a past event will appear.

Athletics News

Shows the live top story from the GoWasps.com RSS feed. It falls back to the top story from the Core: Athletics group if the feed is empty.

Homepage Photo Flip

Go to Galleries > Your Galleries in the homepage group, and star the gallery to appear on the homepage.

Large Footer Image

Switch into the Web Team group. Go to Images > Collections > Footer Images. Tag an image with “Homepage” to appear on the homepage. If no image is tagged “Homepage” then a random image from this collection will appear on the homepage. When uploading a new image, make sure it’s at least 1400px x 495px. (Note: this is the same way you edit footer images for the Core Site landing pages).  

Launch Interactive Tour

This button is added via the page template code (we assume it won’t be changing very often). For now, let WhiteWhale know if the link or wording needs updating for this button.