Orientation, The Class of 2022

About Us

Explore. Experience. Engage.

The Emory & Henry Honors Program inducted its first class of 16 students in Fall 2009, and our first cohort graduated with the college’s first Honors Diplomas in May 2013. Over the past twelve years of the Emory & Henry Honors Program, we have grown to include around 75 current Honors Program Scholars and over 150 Honors Program Alumni who have gone on to graduate schools or careers all over the country (See a list of graduate schools on our “Alumni” page of Stories). Our Honors Program is intentionally open to students with a wide range of intellectual interests and boasts majors from every undergraduate department at the college.

The goals of Honors at Emory & Henry are building community and creating opportunities! We know that the typical Honors student is self motivated, ambitious, and involved. So the program’s goal is not to burden you with extra work, longer papers, or grade anxiety. We support you in your personal development plans and help you find pathways to achieving what you dream of. Whether that be a research project, an international internship, or even finding that professor who’s an expert in what you’re curious about, Honors helps you make it happen!

To learn more about who we are and what we strive towards, click on the “Our Students” link to the left and then go to “Alumni.”


“In 2019 I started working towards a Ph.D. in Acoustic Engineering at Pennsylvania Sate University. I definitely wouldn’t be here without the Honors Program. Honors contracts allowed me to apply material learned in my courses towards acoustical concepts and projects. Moreover, it was the Honors Thesis that really helped me to decide what I wanted to do in life.”

—Sean Collier, Class of 2018