Faculty & Staff

When we chose Emory & Henry, we chose to be part of a community. It’s on us to stand up because in our community, we take care of each other. It’s on us to take responsibility, to be courageous, and to promote a culture of respect.

Faculty and staff at Emory & Henry College play an important role in preventing and responding to stalking, dating/domestic violence, and sexual assault on campus. Through instruction, research, and student support, you have opportunities to foster a safe and supportive community.

Tools for the Classroom

E&H CARES is interested in delivering a collaborative menu of programs/training available to faculty of any discipline to replace a canceled class period through the Don’t Cancel Class initiative. We seek to be your partner in the education of our students. The sessions, which can vary in length, help your students learn more about the variety of resources offered at E&H. Faculty can request a session by completing the form found at this link.


 Syllabus Statement

All Emory & Henry course syllabi should include a syllabus statement that addresses how faculty members can help students navigate Title IX reporting and support options available on- and off-campus.