Paying for College

While the majority of students receive some type of financial aid, the primary responsibility for the cost of an education remains with the student or the student's family.

Emory & Henry offers three methods—or combination of the three—for paying any balances due on your tuition account.

  1. Paying the College directly as billed,
  2. Using the College's tuition payment plan, or
  3. A PLUS or alternative loan—which may be shown on your award notice.

Paying the College Directly As Billed

Paying the College directly as billed means you or your family pay any balance as billed each semester. The student account staff of the CSA Office handles all charges and payments to a your tuition account. The billing statement should show financial aid as pending until funds are actually disbursed to the student's account. If no financial aid is reflected, then the financial aid process is not complete and you should contact the Financial Aid Office immediately.

The balance due reflects what is due at that time (there may be future charges for unpaid parking tickets, library fines, etc., or changes in financial aid if aid is adjusted or canceled due to verification or other resources). These payments can be made by check or online through your WebAdvisor account.

Using The College's Tuition Payment Plan

The second method is a monthly tuition payment plan using savings and current income. After determining what other aid you are using to pay your balance on your student account, you and your parents can determine the monthly payment amount by dividing the remaining charges by the number of available months for the annual plan based on when you complete your financial aid. Payments are made within the academic year.

Monthly payments are interest free; however, a convenience fee is charged each time a payment is made using a credit card. There is no fee charged for automatic payments through a checking account. All plans include a one-time enrollment fee. See the tuition payment plan webpage for details.

Early Bird Special: Complete the financial aid process by April 1, and you can join a 12-month payment plan beginning May 1 with only a $30 Early Bird Enrollment fee and no interest.

PLUS or Alternative Loans

Using the PLUS loan or alternative loan allows families to defer some of the costs of tuition to be paid by future income. Parents can apply for PLUS loans for dependent students or students can apply for alternative loans. To learn more about loans and the loan process visit Federal Loans.