Classrooms & Labs

Classroom techSince January 2017, the IT department has upgraded 15 classrooms & labs during the summer and winter breaks.  

The classrooms renovations include brand new Exact Furniture podiums with new Dell PCs running Windows 10 Pro OS, a Blu Ray player, an HD Doc Cam and SP Controls panel room system used to control the technology installed in each room. In keeping with the the latest technology trends these classrooms have  more energy efficient and cost effective 86” touch screen 4K TVs that double as a digital white board. Each classroom also has integrated ceiling tile speakers for sound throughout the classroom.

For classroom and lab support please contact or call 276-944-6881. 

For faculty training to use the new technology in the classrooms and labs please contact the Instructional Design Technology Department at or

Classroom Equipment:

Dell Optiplex Micro running Windows 10
Dell 22 inch Pc Monitor
HoverCam Ultra HD 8
Samsung J6300 Blu-Ray Player
SP Controls Room System Controller
86” Clear Touch 4K Interactive Display

Classrooms & labs that have been renovated:

MS 147
MS 240
MS 337
MS 321
Fulton 201
Miller 110
Miller 111
Miller 112
Miller 116
Miller 210
Miller 211
Miller 223
Community Center 307
Community Center 305
Smyth Hall 2nd Anatomy Lab 002