• Anti-Virus Software

    If you do not already have an anti-virus software installed, you are encouraged to use Microsoft Security Essentials. After uninstalling any previously installed anti-virus software, Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded for free at

  • E&H OneCard Get Funds

    Welcome to the new online service, Get Funds. This site allows you, your parents, guardians, or other relatives to make deposits on your E&H OneCard by using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards.  You can also check transaction histories, view account balances, report your card lost or found, and view local merchants accepting E&H OneCard.

    Students, Faculty, Staff visit the online portal here ($10.00 minimum).

    Parents, Guardians or other Relatives/Friends:
    Click here to deposit into a students account ($10.00 minimum).**You will need to know the student ID #.

    A convenience fee will be applied per transaction.

    You can also take cash or check to the Business office located in Wiley Hall on the main campus.

    You can use these funds for printing to any of the FollowMe printers as well as any of the following vendor locations:

    Main Campus:

    • Mercantile
    • Macado’s
    • Wow cafe (located in Martin Brock)
    • The Zone (located in Martin Brock)
    • Simply to Go (located in McGlothlin Street)
    • Cafeteria (located in VanDyke)

    Marion Campus:

    • Mini Mercantile

    Get Mobile App

    Get Mobile AppThere is also a mobile app you can download from the Apple store or Android on Google Play.


    Residential students now have access to HBO MAX COLLEGE INTRANET. Visit and or download the apps. Scroll to Emory & Heny College and enter your NetID & password when setting up the app.



    SPSS Statistics is a software package used for logical batched and non-batched statistical analysis.

    Statistical software
    E&H Limited License
    Full Support
    For more details, click here.

  • Mersive Solstice

    Wireless content sharing and collaboration solution.
    E&H Limited license
    Full support 
    For more details, click here.

    Training performed by Instructional Design Technology department.

  • Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office is an office suite of productivity software.
    E&H Site license (Employees & Students)
    Full support
    For more details, click here.

  • Moodle

    Learning Management Software
    E&H Site license
    Full support - Instructional Design Technology
    For more information, click here.

  • Read & Write Gold

    The Read & Write family of literacy software makes the web, documents and files more accessible - any time, any place, and on any platform or device. It’s great for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, or anyone whose first language isn’t English.

    Literacy software
    E&H Site License 
    Full Support - Instructional Design Technology Dept.
    For more details, click here

  • Self Service - Students

    Self Service is the main information portal for both students and employees.  Information can be found for advising, employee information, student employee time entry, approvals and much more .  Self Service is acting as the replacement for the older WebAdvisor site, which is being phased out.

    To access Self Service please click here.


    For Self Service how-to guides please see below.

    How do I access Self Service Time Entry & Supervisor Approval

    How to access Paycheck Advices, Checks, & Leave Plan