Emory & Henry Abroad Courses

Join E&H faculty members and your classmates to explore the world in short-term study abroad.

  • Argentina - POLS 255 or SPAN 102 + ETLA 240: Language and Culture in the Southern Cone


    Next Offering: Fall 2018. Cost: TBD. 

    Contact: Dr. Gonzalo Baptista gbaptista@ehc.edu or Dr. Krystin Krause kkrause@ehc.edu

  • Belize - ENVS 350: Environment & Sustainability

    Belize is a stable, English speaking democracy on the Caribbean coast of Central America. It has extensive areas of tropical forest, many Mayan cultural and archeological sites, and the second longest barrier reef system in the world.

    This course focuses on environmental challenges and the sustainable utilization of natural resources in a developing country. Offered in the spring semester, students study the geology, climate, landscape, and rich biodiversity of Belize both on campus and abroad. The program includes visits to wildlife reserves, where students identify monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles and manatees on hikes led by local Mayan guides. Students also collect and analyze river water samples to examine the impact of a conventional banana farm and participate in a service learning project. We spend three days snorkeling on one of the world’s great barrier reefs, to study the impact of fisheries, tourism, and climate change. The trip concludes at a Mayan site, where students climb the ancient temple at Xunantunich.

    Next Offering: Spring 2019. Cost: $3500.

    Contact: Dr. Laura Hainsworth lhainsworth@ehc.edu or Dr. Ed Davis edavis@ehc.edu

  • China - ETLA 240: People, History, and Prehistory of China/Chinese Language and Culture


    Next Offering: Spring 2019. Cost: TBD.

    Contact: Dr. Xiangyun Zhang xzhang@ehc.edu or Dr. Jack Wells jwells@ehc.edu or Dr. Noel Boaz nboaz@ehc.edu

  • Cuba - ETLA 240: Cuban Culture and Identity Documentary Film Experience

    This course combines language, video production, culture and travel in Cuba. We will meet for one hour per week during the semester and spend 15 nights on the island. This course will allow students to explore the landscape, culture and people of Cuba while learning Spanish and producing a documentary film. Students will live with Cuban families and learn about their history, culture and traditions. We will spend one week in La Habana taking Spanish classes and going on excursions such as a tour of the city, salsa lessons, and visits to a rum factory and cigar caves. We will then spend the weekend in the beautiful and historical region of Viñales Valley, famous for its tobacco farms. We will also go to the center of the island, to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara; cities with Caribbean architecture and colonial heritage. In Santa Clara, we’ll visit Parque Vidal, Teatro La Caridad, Che Guevara Mausoleum, Tren Blindado and Club El Mejunje. Knowledge of Spanish is not necessary in order to take this class.

    Next Offering: Spring 2019. Cost: $3500 (estimated). 

    Contact: Dr. Mark Finney mfinney@ehc.edu or Prof. Mary Boltwood mboltwood@ehc.edu

  • Czech Republic & Poland — PSYC 340 + ETLA 240: Cross Cultural Psychology - Social Psychology of the Holocaust

    Students in this course examine social psychological and other factors related to genocide with a specific focus on the Holocaust. The course meets on campus in the spring semester and then travels to the Czech Republic and Poland in May. Upon arriving in Central Europe, students first spend time in Prague, Czech Republic, visiting cultural and historical sites including Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, Charles University, and the Terezin concentration camp. After taking a train to Kraków, Poland, students tour the Old Town, the Wieliczka Saltmines, and the nearby concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. Another train leads to Warsaw, Poland, where students learn more about the effects of WWII and the Holocaust by touring Warsaw and nearby Treblinka, a Nazi death camp. The class also meets with psychology students and faculty from the Warsaw School of Social Sciences.

    Next Offering: Spring 2018. Cost: $3500.

    Contact: Dr. Celeste Gaia cgaia@ehc.edu

  • England - ETLA 240: Theatre and Culture in London - Renaissance to Modernity

    This course explores two unique and related cultural and historical moments in England—the 16th and 20th centuries—through a close investigation of theatre produced during both periods. We will examine how theatrical works from both periods explore the cultural, political, and artistic preoccupations of their day and how current theatrical trends continue to experience and explore these works.

    This program will complement what students have learned in their on-campus coursework through an intensive and immersive nine-day study abroad program in London including excursions to York and Stratford-upon-Avon. It aims to provide a hands-on connection to England’s varied theatrical traditions and link them to its literary, architectural, historical, and artistic legacy.

    In addition to expanding their knowledge of English theatre, students will further develop their understanding of English art, culture, and history by exploring the political, artistic, and iconographic media present in London’s National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, British Museum, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and numerous other sites in London and surrounding areas.

    Next Offering: Fall 2018 (study abroad during Winter Break - Dec. 29,2018 - Jan. 6, 2019). Cost: $3200 (estimated). 

    Contact: Dr. Kelly Bremner kbremner@ehc.edu

  • Greece - ETLA 240: Emory Odyssey in Greece

    Study the history, politics, and literature of ancient Greece on campus in the spring semester and then spend spring break in Athens, Mycenae, Corinth, Epidaurus, and Delphi exploring the ancient remains. Athens is one of the oldest and greatest cities of Western Civilization, with a recorded history that extends back 3,400 years. During the Classical period Athens was a centre for the arts, learning, and philosophy. It was the home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum. 

    Next Offering: Spring 2019. Cost: $3900. 

    Contact: Dr. Jack Wells jwells@ehc.edu

  • Italy - ART 322 + ETLA 240: Italian Art

    From ancient times through the 20th Century, the cultures of the Italian Peninsula expressed themselves through the visual arts. Trace the development of the civilization from the Roman Forum through the Baroque by visiting Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Siena. Learn how the Italians work to live rather than live to work. Learn what it is like to be immersed in a culture that is international yet distinctive. Students study the art of Italy — 60% of the world’s masterpieces in architecture, painting, and sculpture are preserved in the small peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. Initially influenced by the Greeks and Etruscans, the Italians ultimately evolved artistic systems that served their Republic and later, Christian agendas. Italian art made a difference in the lives of most Italian citizens. This art has influenced Western thinking ever since its inception.

    Next Offering: Fall 2019. Cost: $3500 (estimated). 

    Contact: Dr. Charles Goolsby cgoolsby@ehc.edu or Dr. Jack Wells jwells@ehc.edu

  • Nepal - ETLA 240: Cultural Competencies for Leadership

    Cultural Competencies for Leadership is a one credit course designed with classroom and study abroad components. It is designed to create experiential learning as students study leadership from the perspective of one serving others outside of their culture. The course meets on campus in the spring semester and then travels Nepal in May. While in Nepal, students will be able to connect with local families in need and have the opportunity to embark on cultural excursions, visiting mountains, jungles and temples sacred to the Nepali people.

    Next Offering: Spring 2018. Cost: $2800. 

    Contact: Prof. Mary K. Briggs mkbriggs@ehc.edu or Prof. Josh VonCastle jvoncastle@ehc.edu

  • Netherlands & Germany — HHP 310 + ETLA 240: The Wide World of Sports

    This course meets in the spring semester and examines sport throughout the world with an emphasis on sports that may be more popular outside the U.S., such as soccer, rugby, and cycling. Students also study sport organizations and structure. In May, the class learns more about the world of sport as they travel to Western Europe to attend lectures and sporting events, meet with professionals in sport management, and visit famous sporting venues such as the Munich Olympic sites and the Stade de France. Destinations vary by year. In the past years, the course has studied in Belgium, England, France, Germany, and Spain.

    Next Offering: Spring 2018. Cost: $4500. 

    Contact: Prof. Joy Scruggs jscruggs@ehc.edu

  • Panama - BIOL 340: Tropical Biology

    This course focuses on the biological and cultural diversity of the Mesoamerican neotropical realm. The course culminates with a two week field experience in Panama in May. Students will be exposed to both the cultural components of Mesoamerica and the unique aspects of neotropical lowland, dry, and cloud forest ecosystems. The Boca del Toro archipelago of islands (located on the eastern side of northwestern Panama) presents a unique opportunity for students to experience the “Galapagos of Central America.” Students will be afforded the chance to learn from subject matter experts about native plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds and their significance in these fragile, endangered ecosystems. They will also observe how conservation, management, and ecotourism are balanced with maintaining culture and diversity in this area of the world.

    Next Offering: Spring 2018. Cost: $3300. 

    Contact: Dr. George Argyros gargyros@ehc.edu or Dr. Gerry Bresowar gbresowar@ehc.edu

  • Sweden & Netherlands - ETLA 240: Sociology of Culture

    After studying the Sociology of Culture, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a hands-on study abroad experience in Europe. In this 10-day study abroad experience, students examine the three pillars of sustainability: social equality, environment, and economic practices in Sweden and the Netherlands.  These countries are committed to gender and economic equality while also placing emphasis on the environment in business practices.  By focusing on these societies, students will be able to compare and contrast these cultures and the ramifications of the differences to their own.

    Next Offering: Spring 2019. Cost: $4100 (estimated). More information.

    Contact: Dr. Shelley Koch skoch@ehc.edu