Semester & Summer Abroad

Broaden your view of the world.

E&H students can study abroad for a semester or academic year with any of our exchange partners. All students who are approved and enroll in a partner program are eligible for a travel grant up to $1000 for airfare. Students pay regular tuition fees to E&H and pay separately for their housing abroad. Visit the CSA to discuss the use of financial aid for study abroad.

Application Deadlines:

The deadline for the semester abroad application is December 1 prior to the year of study.
If you plan to study abroad for a semester in 2018-2019, your application is due December 1, 2018.

Applications for summer study are due December 1 prior to the summer of study. 
If you plan to study abroad in summer 2018, your application is due December 1, 2018.

Emory & Henry Exchange Partnerships 

To participate in an exchange partner program, you must be nominated for the program by the Office of International Education. Contact for more information.

E&H Affiliate Programs 

If you want to study abroad for a semester in a location not included in our exchange offerings, you can choose to study with an affiliate program. In order to enroll in an affiliate program, students must directly pay the provider and take a short leave of absence from E&H.

Summer Programs (No study abroad fee)

Students can choose from a variety of summer programs all over the world.
Below are programs that have been popular with students. If you do not see a program listed, please inquire with Students apply to E&H by December 1 the year prior to study. With summer program, students are responsible for paying fees directly to the university or program abroad.





United Kingdom

E&H Partner Affiliates