Students dancing at Zumba class

Fitness & Wellness Programs

Classes will keep your mind occupied — keep your body active too.  

We offer a variety of fitness and wellness programs so you are sure to find something that keeps you healthy, active, and having fun.  From swimming to Zumba, weights and kick boxing.  Need to relax?  Drop into a meditation or yoga session.  We have something that you can try.

  • Cardio Kick Boxing

    Cardio Kick Boxing (45-60 min) - Cardio Kick Boxing is a revolutionary group exercise program inspired by dance, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, tai chi, and funk. This workout creates a party atmosphere that will have you coming back for more. Come workout to the hottest music and the freshest moves. Join the party and have fun. No dance or martial arts experience required.

  • Core

    Core (30-45 min) - Target and challenge the abdominals, back, and hips in this intense and dynamic workout; you will learn how to effectively strengthen the core using proper form and technique! By building core strength, you will be able to improve your posture and ward off low back pain!

  • Cycle & Fitness Spin

    Cycle & Fitness Spin (30-45 min) – From the beginner to the advanced enthusiast, your instructors will challenge you while improving your cardiovascular conditioning along with several modes of training styles: strength, endurance, and interval training. Every ride is your ride, so you have the ability to adjust your intensity making this class great for beginners and advanced cyclists alike! Space is limited to the first 7 participants so come early. Make sure to bring a towel and water.

  • E&H Boot Camp

    Boot Camp (45-60 min) - Have you been training hard and need an extra push to keep you going? Boot Camp is a program class designed to push even the most advanced enthusiast to the max. Incorporating a generous account of running, jumping, core, squatting and sprinting, Boot Camp will have you going from 20 push-ups to hundreds in a matter of weeks.