Instructions for Downloading E-Books

Directions for downloading EBSCO e-books differ among the various devices. To access the college’s wireless network, you must have your tablet device whitelisted through the IT Helpdesk. EBSCO eBooks will be “checked out” to your device for the length of time that you select. Deleting an eBook from your device will not check the book back in for use by others, so be considerate when choosing your checkout time. Due to licensing agreements, some eBooks may not be available for download.

How to Download EBSCO eBooks to Mobile Devices Using the EBSCO eBooks app

  1. Download the EBSCO eBooks app from Google Play or iTunes
  2. Find your library and sign in to access their collection
  3. Search and browse to find the titles you’re interested in
  4. Download an EBSCO eBook by clicking on the “Download” link on the search result page or from within the detailed record
  5. Select your preferred checkout period and click “Checkout & Download”
  6. The title automatically opens in the EBSCO eBooks app
  7. Begin reading the title in the app, bookmark your place for later, and return it to the library’s collection when finished

*In order for EBSCO eBooks to be read on a mobile device the user must register the app with their free Adobe ID. eBooks can be read in a in a PDF or EPUB format. App is compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as Kindle Fire and Nook.

How do I install the EBSCO eBooks app on my Kindle Fire or Nook?

If you are using a Kindle Fire or Nook and would like to install the EBSCO eBooks app to your device, this can be done by downloading and installing the app directly from this page.

To install the EBSCO eBooks App on Kindle Fire:

  1. 1.From the home screen of your Kindle Fire or Nook device, go to your Settings menu.
  2. 2.Select Applications > Apps from Unknown Sources (allow installation of applications that are not from Appstore) and select ON. Note: The location and description of this setting may vary by type of device.
  3. From your Kindle or Nook device, download the APK (app installer) by tapping this link: EBSCO eBooks App for Kindle Fire and Nook
  4. Once the download is complete, tap on the file and select Install.