Brent Treash’s Jukebox Playlist

Brent Treash, instructor of mass communications, takes his turn on the Jukebox, February 11, 2022. 

1. All The Debts I Owe by Caamp

2. Faustina by John R. Miller

3. Letter to Madeline by Ian Noe

4. Kate McCannon by Colter Wall

5. Long Hard Life by 49 Winchester

6. Knock ‘Em Stiff by Goodnight, Texas

7. Down Low by Town Mountain 

8. I Do Believe I’ve Had Enough by Zephaniah OHora 

9. Black Myself by Our Native Daughters

10. Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls 

11. Grime and Grace by Beth Snapp

12. Wilder Days by Morgan Wade

13. Bells of Every Chapel by Sierra Farrell, Billy Strings

14. Tale of Two Tattered Hearts by Anabelle’s Curse

15. Grace Has A Gun by Katie Pruitt