Dwayne Yancey takes over the Jukebox, March 21, 2023, 11pm

Airing on WEHC and WISE-FM Wise, March 21, 2023


“All the music you’re about to hear is from Canada. The United States and Canada share the largest demilitarized border in the world, yet that border still has a giant sound barrier: Lots of really great Canadian music never gets heard in the U.S. Some of these bands can headline stadium shows in Canada yet are still playing clubs in the U.S. Some haven’t played the U.S. at all. Some of these musicians I’ve seen perform; a few I’ve gotten to know personally. I consider it an honor to share their music.” –Dwayne Yancey


Rosa Cora Perry & the Truth Untold-Not My Time

Arkells-Hand Me Downs

Charlotte Cornfield-Silver Civic

Skye Wallace-Coal in Your Window


The Beaches-Orpheus

Maddy Little-Six Feet Under

Jammer’s Waffle House-Young Professionals

Ellis in Transit-Thousand Feet Deep

Basia Bulat-Your Girl

Mandolynne-Scene of the Crime

Shad-Black Averageness

Partner-Play the Field

Corb Lund-Student Visas

Headstones-When Something Stands For Nothing

The Dead South-In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company