Rules for E&H-Holston Conference Cemetery

An ornate tombstone in the Holston Conference- Emory & Henry Cemetery Policies and Procedures for the Holston Conference-Emory & Henry Cemetery                  


Updated February 2018


To preserve the aesthetic standards and historical character of the Holston Conference-Emory & Henry Cemetery (henceforth referred to as the Cemetery) and to facilitate its maintenance in an efficient and cost effective manner, the Trustees of the Holston Conference-Emory & Henry Cemetery Board (henceforth referred to as the Cemetery Board) have approved the following policies and procedures that shall be applicable to all purchasers of burial plots in the Cemetery:

  1. No more than one casket may be buried per plot; however, purchasers may place multiple cremation urns in a single plot.
  2. No above-ground construction is allowed (raised flower gardens, etc.) beyond a stone or marker. Existing plots with such construction shall be exempt from this standard.
  3. Only one upright marker may be placed per plot.
  4. All markers should be installed by a reputable company. Prior to placement, the Emory & Henry College President’s Office should be contacted (276-944-6107) to confirm the location and correct placement of the marker.
  5. Ongoing maintenance of markers is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the purchaser’s family. Any markers becoming deteriorated to the point of causing a safety hazard will be repositioned.
  6. Any shrubs or plantings must be approved by the Cemetery Board and are discouraged on individual plots in deference to mowing needs. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove any plantings that are not in compliance and to prune or remove any planting that interfere with the maintenance, appearance or function of the Cemetery.
  7. Artificial flowers should be in a container. Flower containers that interfere with mowing will be removed after a period of weeks. Solar objects and lights are prohibited. Items such as crosses, toys or other decorations should be placed on the marker (not the grass) so as not to interfere with mowing. Flags are welcome during holidays but must be removed.
  8. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove any items that interfere with maintenance of the grounds or detract from the historic nature of the Cemetery.
  9. Any sale or transfer of ownership of plots by purchasers must be approved by the Cemetery Board.
  10. Individuals eligible to purchase a plot in the cemetery include: Faculty of the College, Ministers of the Holston Conference, Community members in close proximity to the College, Members of the Board of Trustees, Staff of the College, Alumni of Emory & Henry, other persons who, in the judgement of the cemetery trustees, are entitled to be buried in the cemetery by reason of long and intimate relationship with the College, benefactions to it, or other reasons that the trustees deem sufficient.

Questions should be directed to the E&H President’s Office: 276-944-6107.


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