Life Long Learning

Emory & Henry taught us a lot about how to learn. And our professors instilled a lot of enthusiasm for continuing our curiosity for a lifetime. Let’s find ways to stay sharp together!
  • Coronavirus Extra: Staying Sharp in a Time of Social Distancing


    These are brief interviews with our talented Emory & Henry faculty members that are guaranteed to keep you sharp while we’re limited in our social activity. We’ll post times for the LIVE event, and then we’ll post a recorded version to be enjoyed and shared later.


    March 20, 5 pm: Happiness – In a time of social distancing

    Dr. Celeste Gaia, E&H Psychology Department and director of E&H Study Abroad Program,  will talk a little about the psychology of happiness and offer tips on keeping our spirits up during such an unusual time. We’ll talk with her on March 20, designated the International Day of Happiness. Click here to watch the video of our discussion with Dr. Gaia!

    Additional reading links:

    The Pursuit of Happiness: Bringing the Science of Happiness to Life

    International Happiness Day
    American Psychological Association – General Resources – Pandemics
    Psychology Today


    March 24, 5 pm: Fit to Print

    With so many updates coming our way, it’s hard to know what we can trust. Dr. Mark Finney, E&H Mass Communications Department, will talk about how to know if you can trust your source of news and information. 

    Watch the video of our conversation! 

    Check out Dr. Finney’s “side gig” – he’s part of Tumbling Creek Cider! 


    March 26, 5 pm: Reading Matters

    We’ve all got a little extra time on our hands – so reading seems like a great option! Scott Sikes, Appalachian Center and blogger about reading, will share some great suggestions and talk a bit about why reading is a great option during downtime. 

    And here are some links from Scott to follow up on the talk:


    Here’s the video of our conversation


    Friday, March 27, 7 pm: What About the Economy?

    Dr. Deborah Spencer, E&H Economics professor, will talk a little about how this current situation is likely to affect the world and US economy. 

    Here is a link to the video of this fascinating conversation.


    Wednesday, April 1, 7 pm: Keep Moving!

    Joy Scruggs, E&H physical education department (almost retired!),will give us some basic tips on wellness in a time when we’re asked to keep a little distance from other folks. 

    Here’s the video of our conversation!


    Friday, April 3, 3:30 pm: You Don’t Have to Stay Inside!

    Dr. Steve Hopp, E&H Environmental Studies faculty, will talk about some of the cool things we can do in nature during these days of social isolation. Check out the video of our conversation!


    Tuesday, Apr. 7: What Exactly IS a Virus?

    Tuesday, April 7,  6 pm: Dr. Jamie Ferguson, E&H Chemistry Dept., will talk to us about what a Virus IS exactly…and about what is so unique about COVID-19. 
    Here’s our really fascinating conversation with Dr. Ferguson about viruses.


    Monday,  Apr. 27: Interesting Data: what does it mean?

    Monday, April 27,  4 pm: Dr. Shelley Koch will help us make sense of some disturbing and though-provoking data we’re learning about those who have died from COVID-19.

    Watch the video of this interesting discussion!


    Wednesday, Apr.  29, 1 pm: Jobs and internships in a time of COVID-19

    Join us for a thoughtful discussion with Dr. Tracy Lauder!

    Check out this interesting conversation about a new way of thinking about internships!



  • MTAV Online! Special events for the spring and summer of 2020

    Sure…we love being on campus for  More Than A Vacation (MTAV) – our summer alumni college that has taken place on campus for 26 years. But, now that we’re all getting more comfortable with online events, why couldn’t we enjoy some of our MTAV events all throughout the year?

    Beginning in April 2020, we’ll have a series of events that are just like the ones we enjoy during More Than A Vacation – only, you can enjoy them at your home! 

    We’ll list a time for the live event where you can enjoy the speaker and ask questions. Later, we’ll post a link to the recorded event. 

    Watch this space as we continue to add more events!


    Road Sides:
    Emily Wallace, E&H ’04, will discuss her book Road Sides and take questions about this interesting A to Z book that highlights some of our most iconic road side stands. Prepare to talk about Dip Dogs and South of the Border and more! (Confirmed! Time TBA)


    Roadside History:
    Jennifer Loux, Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Highway Marker Program Manager, will give us the run down on just how those ubiquitous historic markers are chosen and installed. A little drive in the country might shake your blues – so lets find some markers together and get a little history!


    Growing on the Roadside
    Darryl Wilson, from Carolina Kudzu Crazy, knows all about the most ubiquitous roadside plant: kudzu. And he makes the most delicious kudzu jam that this typist has ever had! Let’s get ready to ask him how he makes our most noxious weed the most delicious jam!


  • More Than A Vacation: our summer alumni college

    Check out the details of this annual favorite….where alumni return to campus and learn together!


  • Visiting the RVA

    Every year, on the first Saturday of December, we visit a museum or historic site in Richmond. Past events have featured the Virginia Historical Society, the Virginia Women’s Monument, The Science Museum of Virginia, and more! Follow this link as we make a plan for December 5, 2020.