Child Policy

Kelly Library at Emory & Henry College is available for use by all registered students, faculty, and staff of the College, and by the general public. The Library provides full access to the Internet for academic and research purposes without filtering its subject matter. The Kelly Library staff does not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet and is not responsible for its content. No child can be left unsupervised by a parent or guardian in the library. Children under eighteen are not permitted to access the Internet without parental or teacher supervision; however, middle school and high school students are allowed to use the Library’s Internet resources for assignments such as National History Day projects and DAR essays. High school students that are dually enrolled have full Internet privileges. At times when Internet usage is heavy, the Kelly Library Staff reserves the right to limit the time a patron may utilize a library computer. The Library may also close the computer labs for bibliographic instruction, equipment failure, or other reasons without notice.

Adult community residents may obtain borrowing privileges by applying for a community borrower card. Students over the age of 14 may apply for their own community borrower’s card. Infants and young children must be in the constant care of a parent or guardian. Library staff may ask the adult caring for a noisy child to remove the child from the Library if the child is disturbing other patrons. In the event that a child is left unattended in the Library, the Library staff may contact Campus Security for assistance.

Patrons using the Library are expected to adhere to the Emory & Henry College Security and Acceptable Use of the Network Policy and to behave in a socially responsible manner. In the event someone becomes disruptive or creates a problem in any way, Library staff is authorized to call Campus Security for assistance.

Children and young adults who are participating in summer camps and programs at Emory & Henry may be allowed to utilize the Library and its resources, if the camp or program directors have made prior arrangements with the College’s summer events coordinator and the Kelly Library staff. Parents, teachers, and/or camp counselors are requested to accompany the participants while in the Library. The Library staff reserves the right to ask noisy or disruptive participants to exit the building. The Library staff is not responsible for supervising children in the Library. Parents, teachers, and program coordinators are reminded that Kelly Library is an academic library and as such does not filter any Internet content, and that the Library contains materials that may not be suitable for children.